SCOTLAND'S largest ATV dealerships is leading the way in the fight against theft and farm safety by offering a free tracking device for all vehicles it sells – new or second-hand.

ATV Services Scotland has joined forces with Scorpion Automotive, which owns the Datatool brand of vehicle trackers. This will see every purchaser of a new or used full-sized ATV, utility vehicle or compact tractor being offered a Datatool Stealth S5 Tracker fitted free of charge – the only cost to the user being the ongoing tracking subscription, which costs £109 per year, or £259 for three years cover.

“We, like many, have been shocked by the ongoing and increasing theft of the products we supply,” said John Yuille, managing director of ATV Services Scotland. “Through experience we know that the best chance of recovering a stolen machine is through a tracking device.

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"Keeping that in mind, ATV Services Scotland has partnered with the biggest supplier in the sector for our new incentive, giving our customers the very best protection for their property. Not only shall we offer this to new owners but shall also extend the offer to recent purchasers. It is our sincere hope that we make our customers machines the least desirable to thieves and hope this demonstrates our commitment to theft prevention.”

Dan Balsamini, sales operations manager at Datatool, added: “Rural crime and especially ATV thefts, continues to be a blight on the lives of countryside communities. At Datatool, we are passionate about reducing rural crime and this fantastic offer from ATV Services Scotland is a huge step forward towards combating this.”

“The fitting of a tracking device enables our 24/7 monitoring team to work with the police to recover stolen vehicles, react instantly to thefts and to make criminals that come into the rural environment think twice before committing an offence.”

Fully Thatcham and insurance approved, the tracker counteracts all known methods of ATV theft and has the following benefits:

• Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR) tags provide immediate theft detection

• 24/7/365 monitoring by Datatool and a 96% recovery rate in case of theft.

• UK insurer approved that can result in reduced insurance costs.

• Roll over alerts – in the event of an ATV roll over, the Datatool Stealth can contact your emergency contacts to alert them to an accident.