With lockdown restrictions having eased, Tarbolton Farmers’ Society were able to host their annual Tarbolton Show and welcomed exhibitors, families and friends who turned out to enjoy one of the few local shows staged this year.

The Meikle Points Trophy for most points in the show was again won by father and son duo, George and George Borland Jnr., Mossbog, Tarbolton having amassed points mainly in the Holstein and Friesian cattle section, but also in the Ayrshire Red and White dairy cattle classes.

Taking second with only five points behind was John and Louise Hunter, Hallrig, Tarbolton with the Kennedy family from East Carngillan in third position.

The supreme dairy championship was secured by another father and son duo, Robbie and Billy Scott, Shacklehill, Mossblown with their Holstein Friesian heifer in milk with the reserve honours going to Dave Howat from Ochiltree with his Ayrshire Red and White heifer in milk.

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Among the beef cattle, John and Louise Hunter stood supreme with their pure-bred cow, while Alice Allan took reserve honours with an in-calf heifer.

Pony and hunter classes were well supported, with the Outmains Perpetual Trophy for the supreme horse or pony was won by Susan Hoggans, Little Bargower, Hurlford.

LEADING awards:

Ayrshire – Heifer in calf – 1 and reserve, G and GT Borland, Mossbog, Tarbolton. Heifer in milk – 1 and champion, David Howat, Ayr Road, Ochiltree. Cow in milk – 1, G and GT Borland; 2, Grant Woodburn, Killoch, Galston. Pair – 1, G and GT Borland.

Holstein – Heifer in calf – 1, G and GT Borland, Mossbog, Tarbolton. Cow in calf but not in milk – 1, G and GT Borland; 2, J McGregor and Sons, Parkmill, Tarbolton. Heifer in milk – 1 and champion, R and W Scott, Shacklehill, Tarbolton; 2, Hugh Kennedy, East Carngillan, Tarbolton; 3, Neil Sloan, Knowe, Auchinleck. Cow in milk – 1 and reserve, Hugh Kennedy; 2, J McGregor and Son; 3, G and GT Borland. Aged cow in milk – 1, R and W Scott; 2, G and GT Borland; 3, J McGregor and Sons. Pair – G and GT Borland; 2, Hugh Kennedy; 3, J McGregor and Sons. Best animal bred by exhibitor – 1, Hugh Kennedy; 2, G and GT Borland

Inter-breed – Dairy animal with best udder – 1, R and W Scott; 2, Hugh Kennedy. Pair of dairy cattle – 1, J McGregor and Sons; 2, Hugh Kennedy. Group of three – 1, G and GT Borland; 2, J McGregor and Sons. Group of five – 1, G and GT Borland. Dairy calf shown by a junior under 14 – 1 and best junior calf – Iain Howie, Tarshaw, Tarbolton; 2 and best senior calf – Kyle Scott, Shacklehill, Tarbolton; 3, Pippa Woodburn, Killoch, Galston. Best presented calf – Iain Howie. Yeld heifer – 1, Callum Brown, Kirkhill, Craigie; 2, G and GT Borland. Best female bred by exhibitor – 1, G and GT Borland. Best female any age – 1, Hugh Kennedy.

Native or continental beef – Bull calf born 2021 – 1, John and Louise Hunter, Hallrig Tarbolton. Heifer calf born 2021 – 1, John and Louise Hunter. Pure-bred cow – 1 and champion, John and Louise Hunter. Maiden or in-calf heifer – 1 and reserve, Alice Allan, Arnsow, Kirkmichael.

Vintage tractors and machinery – Vintage tractor – 1, Alex Woodburn, Benston View, Hollybush; 2, John McNae, Mayfield, Stair; 3, Harry Philp, c/o Barmuir, Tarbolton. Vintage Agric. machine – 1, John McNae (with Triplex); 2, Lex Craig, Clockston, Tarbolton (Ferguson Trailer); 3, Ian McKay, Springbank Cottage, Monkton (MF Plough). Tractor – Alex Woodburn. Best exhibit in section – 1, John McNae (Triplex).

Pets – Dog – 1, Heather Harrison, Scoutts, Tarbolton; 2, Iain Howie, Tarshaw; 3, Holly Neil, Benston, Tarbolton. AOB – 1, Logan Riddell, Croftpark, Tarbolton; 2, Abbey and Molly Dykes, Nether Enoch; 3, Skye Riddell, Croftpark.

Bantams – Cock or cockerel (soft feathers) – 1 and 2 – Gregor Brown, Kirkhill, Craigie; 3, Alex Drummond, Townend, Craigie. Hen or pullet (soft feathers) – 1, Stuart Currie; 2, Gregor Brown; 3, Alex Drummond. Best bantam shown by a junior – 1, Gregor Brown; 2, Gregor Brown; 3, Byron Holland, Ladyland Cottage, Monkton. Best in show – Gregor Brown. Best opposite sex – Stuart Currie.

Pigeons – Racing homer (old cock) – 1, John Watters, Welton Road, Mauchline; 2, J Dunn, Gateside Road, Dalmellington; 3, G Slaven, Fail Avenue, Tarbolton. Racing homer (young cock) – John Watters. Racing Homer (old hen) – 1, J Dunn; 2, John Watters. Racing homer (young hen) – John Watters.

Hunters, ponies, jumping and pony games – Child’s pony, 14.2 and under 17 years – Katy Barclay, High Kyleston, Dunure Road, Ayr. First ridden pony, rider under 10 years – Katy McCue, Munnoch Reservoir House, Dalry. Lead rein pony, rider under eight – 1, Niamh Moriarty, 52 Croft Street, Tarbolton; 2, Anna Lamb, Ingleston, Annbank; 3, Chloe Hamilton, Barmoorhill, Tarbolton. Ridden hunter – 1, Jamie Nisbet, Orchardton Farm, Ochiltree; 2, Samantha Cole, Kirkland Farm, Kilmarnock; 3, Jane Tees, 25 Howgate, Kilwinning. Riding horse or cob – 1, Katy Barclay; 2, Melissa Bale, West Loudon Equestrian, Galston. Riding club horse – 1, Samantha Cole; 2, Jane Tees; 3, Jamie Nisbet. Ridden ex-racehorse – 1, Natasha Turner, Brummellside, Auchentiber; 2, Kayleigh Scott; 3, Melissa Bale.

Mountain and Moorland pony – Show in hand – 1 and champion, Susan Hoggans. Ridden – 1 and reserve, Camilla Hamilton 61 Kirkmichael Road, Crosshill; 2, Imogen Andrew, Ballochbrae Farm Stables, Maybole; 3, Katy Barclay.

Coloured class, skewbald or piebald – 1, Samantha Cole; 2, Shona Wallace, Dunroamin, Tarbolton Road, Dundonald; 3, Shannon Boyle, 46 Ladeside Road, Kilmaurs. Best rider under 17 years – 1, Katy Watson; 2, Camilla Hamilton; 3, Imogen Andrew. Family pony – 1, Jock Howat, Robin Wheatrig, Kilmaurs; 2, Katy Barclay; 3, Katy Howie.

Jumping – Lead rein jumping – 1, Katy Barclay; 2, Anna Lamb; 3, Katy Barclay. 14.2 pony jumping, rider 12 years or under – 1, Mila McGarrie, 20 Craighill Way, Fairlie; 2, Libby Brown, Slatehole, Ochiltree; 3, Katy Barclay. 14.2 pony jumping, rider 16 years or under – 1, Katy Watson; 2, Jess Brown; 3, Sean Cameron, Lancaster House, Prestwick. Open jumping (Max. 80 cm) – 1, Jess Brown, Slatehole, Ochiltree; 2, Katy Watson; 3, Struan Robb, Dunroamin, Tarbolton Road, Dundonald. Open jumping (Min. 80 cm) – 1, Struan Robb.

Pony games – Junior – Jess Brown. Senior – Struan Robb. Wee Scoutts Challenge Cup for most points in pony games – Jess Brown and Struan Robb.