A high scoring run from Andy Carnegie’s Suus topped the list at Kippen with a comfortable lead over the field.

Mule and Cheviot cross Mule ewes generally ran well on a big, flat course, but the mixed breeds tended to separate under pressure on the course.

Suus (E Groot’s Preseli Roy, J Roos’ Bess) ran out, lifted and fetched faultlessly and worked well on the drive, with only minor wavers. She penned after retrieving a small break and completed the winning run a clean shed.

Neil McVicar’s Baledmund Pete (IM Brownlie’s Boredale Gus, J Menzies’ Baledmund Jess) also got off to a good start outbye, and although one difficult ewe was coming adrift on the first leg of the drive, once the packet was through the gate, the cross drive went well. The ewes broke round the pen before Pete put them inside and completed his run with a good shed, and took second place.

Stuart Davidson’s Kyle (C Davidson’s Cap, R Harris’ Jan) ran out and lifted well, and although he let the ewes off line on the fetch, he kept good lines on the drive until the ewes made a wide turn out of the cross drive gate. Clean work at hand put the run on a par with Pete’s, but in third place on outbye work.

Kyle’s kennel mate, Maid (B Strachan’s Sam, JC MacLachlan’s Sheila), worked well outbye, on the course and at the pen, but when she shed her sheep, the breeds separated and Stuart had to retake the shed. Once completed, the run was ranked fourth, giving Stuart his second placing of the day.

LEADING awards

Kippen (Judge: J MacDougall, Drymen). Open – 45 ran – 1, AD Carnegie’s Suus, Comrie, 96; 2, N McVicar’s Baledmund Pete, Benmore, 89 Outbye; 3, SL Davidson’s Kyle, Sandbank, 89; 4, SL Davidson’s Maid, Sandbank, 88; 5, A Kent’s Cass, Dunoon, 87; 6, A Wilkie’s Spot (Mot), Glenmoy, 86.

Glenkiln, Arran (Judge: L Robertson, Cosyden). Local – 9 ran – 1, I McConnell’s Joe, Lamlash, 94; 2, W Stevenson’s Arran McLeod,Whiting Bay, 85; 3, W Stevenson’s MacKay, Whiting Bay, 78; 4, M McNeish’s Pip, Sliddery, 68.

Northumberland League

Low Struthers (Judge: J Emerson, Co Durham). Open – 21 ran – 1, M Northwood’s Shilvington Henry, East Woodburn, 92; 2, D Henderson’s Mia, Allendale, 91 Outbye; 3, M Davidson’s Heather, Lilburn, 91; 4, R Mitcheson’s Belle, Belsay, 84; 5, M Northwood’s Northtyne Cedric, East Woodburn, 87; 6, D Henderson’s Joe, Allendale, 98. Novice – R Mitcheson’s Belle, Belsay. New handler – F Shehan’s Tess, Hexham.

Dunterly (Judge: K Lyon, Hawick). Open – 23 ran – 1, M Davidson’s Newbold Wallace, Lilburn, 96; 2, B Jordan’s, Flake, Whitfield, 89; 3, M Iley’s Mac, Longframlington, 84; 4, P Bristow’s Bill, Kirkley Hall, 72; 5, M Davidson’s Heather, Lilburn, 68; 6, P Telfer’s Telf Jed, Haydon Bridge, 67. Novice – J Tulloch’s Shelley, Wark.