Looking for a new sprayer? Then CropTec will be offering the chance to see 10 new sprayers in operation. They will be:

Agrifac Condor V

The 5000L Agrifac Condor V will be equipped with Agrifac’s PWM system, StrictSprayPlus, which allows operators to benefit from single nozzle sections, turn compensation, and pressure independent rate control capable of pulsating up to 100 times a second.

Working in combination with its boom levelling sensors, this enables the driver to operate the machine with the boom at a perfect equilibrium to the ground.

Bateman RB35

The new Bateman RB35 demonstrator model features third generation Capstan Pulse Width Modulation and a new back frame, which is lower, lighter and stronger.

Bateman’s latest E Drive four-speed transmission provides powerful boosted braking, road mode, field mode and cruise control and the demonstrator also features Bateman Boom Levelling, an in-house designed system.

Chafer Interceptor

Built in the UK, the Chafer Interceptor self-propelled sprayer has a powerful Deutz engine coupled to advanced Bosch Rexroth CVT transmission to keep fuel use low and ensures traction is maximised on individual wheels in all field conditions.

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Chassis and spray pack layouts give great stability by keeping the centre of gravity low, whilst retaining excellent accessibility for operation and servicing. An open platform GPS setup allows owners to choose a preferred brand of GPS system and have it fitted from the factory.

Fendt Rogator

The Rogator 600 series is Fendt’s high capacity self-propelled sprayer. The portfolio includes the 635, 645 and 655 (which will be demo'd) all of which feature impressive individual nozzle control as standard with option for Optinozzle control drift reduction technology.

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Tank volumes range from 3800-6000 litres, which can be efficiently filled using a large 60-litre capacity induction hopper and the aid of the 785-litres/min centrifugal pump. The boom comes in widths from 24m to 39m, all now fitted with Agco’s in house boom height control.

Hardi Aeon CenturaLine

This range of trailed sprayers features a modern and sleek design and available with tank capacity of 4200 and 5200 litres, with boom widths from 24-39m.

Delta Force steel booms are standard and technology includes individual nozzle control and automatic nozzle selection. The sprayers also have rear-wheel steering enabling the operator to make sharper turns on the headland.

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They are equipped as standard with PrimeFlow – a pressure-fed boom fluid system that guarantees rapid priming and prevents sedimentation and clogging.

Househam Harrier

This is Househam’s flagship self-propelled sprayer, developed by direct customer feedback.

New to the machine this year is the use of the Claas Jaguar X10 cabin. This fully climate controlled the cab provides an ultra-quiet operating environment with panoramic visibility.

Available with a range of advanced technologies designed to maximise application accuracy and your productivity. These include auto nozzle select (ANS), Househam's intelligent transmission system (HITS), ultra-sonic boom height control and the Spray Pilot hydraulically controlled auto-steer.

Horsch Leeb 6.300 PT

The 6000-litre Horsch Leeb self-propelled sprayer offers the ComfortDrive chassis which has hydro-pneumatically spring-loaded individual wheel suspension, with active levelling, to provide driving comfort on the road and in the field.

Its spacious cabin optimises weight distribution and offers excellent visibility, while the ErgoControl armrest focuses on simple, safe and comfortable control. Power is from a 310hp Tier 5 engine and wheel hub drive offers automatically load-dependent, controlled stepless drive and an anti-slip control.

Increased ground clearance is complemented by Horsch's unique and award-winning boom control system, BoomControl Pro, which comes in boom widths up to 42m.

Knight 1800 Series

Knight's 1800 self-propelled sprayers are fitted with a semi air suspended Claas-derived cab with digital climate control and category 4 filtration.

Its six-cylinder Perkins engines come with either 174hp Stage 5 or 225hp Stage 5 power and a Poclain hydrostatic transmission provides drive.

Active air suspension is standard and the electronic steering is two-wheel, or four-wheel with automatic rear hillside compensation.

Tank capacities are 3500, 4000 and 5000 litres and booms are available from 24m to 40m. Fluid Control Pro simplifies all operations and GPS auto-section control and auto steering options are available.

Kverneland iXtrack T4

These trailed sprayers are available with tank volumes from 3400 up to 4600 litres, with steel and aluminium boom types from 18 to 40m.

A new balancing system provides better boom guidance at higher speed, resulting in efficient application and reduction of drift. The single central frame, in combination with the special shaped parallelogram arms, create room for high tyres and allow a maximum steering angle of 32º.

The iXtrack T4 is 100% ISOBUS compatible and innovative iXspray hardware and software with intuitive touch interface gives user-friendly operation.

Sands Horizon 4000

Sands' latest Horizon 4000 sprayer has 30m variable geometry and negative booms, with a new six-sensor boom levelling system designed in house. It also has an electronic control system which can either be two or three-inch filling.

All plumbing is three-inch and all functions such as auto-filling, spraying and washing out are all at the touch of a button either in the cab or outside beside the mixing hopper.