Saturday saw the return of the North of Fife Foal Show to Howe Equestrian Centre, at Ladybank.

This year's show also marked the return of the 'any other breed' classes and addition of a new Shetland pony section, alongside the Clydesdale offering, which made for and increase in entries to more than 50 horses forward.

Taking the one:two in the Clydesdale section this year was the Black family, of Collessie, Cupar. Their Arradoul Balvenie-sired yearling filly, Collessie Alanna, topped the senior section before taking the overall championship. This title follows a successful show season when she stood champion at Kinross Show, Lourin Fair, Teen Ranch Show and most recently, last weekend's Perth Foal Show.

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Tapped out as reserve overall champion by judge, John Drummond, was the foal champion, Collessie Maximus. A half-brother to the champion, being a son of Collessie Highlander and out of Roughlands Jasmine, he was overall champion at Kilmarnock Foal Show and foal champion at Perth.

Charlotte Young’s mare, Littleward Megan, took the reserve spot for the senior championship. Another sired by Arradoul Balvenie, she was reserve overall champion at Perth and in the summer won at the Great Yorkshire Show.

The reserve in the foals was another from Collessie, this time an unnamed colt by Collessie Monarch, an ET foal out of Collessie Jennifer.

Alongside the strong show of in hand classes, there were large entries in both the ridden and driving classes. “It's great to see such big entries in the riding and driving classes, it shows that the foals we're producing have a future,” explained Pete Black.

Topping the eight-strong ridden class was the inexperienced Barra, owned and ridden by Ailsa Noble. He had only been backed a few months, with this only being his second show.

Taking the win in the stallion cart was Elaine Ramsay, with Yorkie, who also won at Perth the weekend prior.

A hit with the crowd was two well-supported young handlers' classes. Thirteen-year-old Blythe Duncan topped the 12-16 year section and seven-year-old Kieran Cowie took the red rosette in the 11 and under section.

The new Shetland section was well supported across both standard and miniature sections. The overall championship was won by the miniature winner, the yearling filly, Elcho Lily, from Adele Stewart, with the Standard champion, Stow Braw Lad, from Tam Stuart, taking the reserve spot.

The standard foal, Abbotsrule Bella, from John Watson, took the overall foal championship.

In the AOB ring, the in-hand championship was taken by Hannah Orr’s SD Her Majesty, with Jordan Marshall’s Pillheath Aleisha, in reserve. The ridden championship was won by Jordan Marshall and Treworgan Dauntless, with Hazel Mcarthur’s Wardaddy in reserve.

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LEADING awards:

Clydesdales (Judges: In hand, J Drummond; ridden, driving and young handlers, G Skinner).

Senior gelding – 1, G and R Skinner’s Collessie Edward; 2, A Noble’s Carrickmannon Sir Charm; 3, A Noble’s Windyknowe Barra.

Mare – 1, C Young’s Littleward Megan; 2, S Greenhill’s Fordelhill Jubilee Ruby; 3, B Warburton's Muirton Maybelle.

Two-year-old male – 1, I Anderson’s Middlebank Carlogie Barrons Prince; 2, G and R Skinner's Strathorn Jim; 3, D Burnet’s Davmore Lucky Stormdancer.

Two-year-old filly – 1, V Smith’s Pitmurthy Final Command Piper; 2, J and M McIntyre’s Freezlumd Heidi; 3, L Findlay’s Fairhavens Anastasia.

Yearling male – 1, A Noble’s Braehead Storm; 2, S Millar's Mollinhillhead Captin Jack.

Yearling filly – 1, RH Black's Collessie Alanna; 2, C Young’s Ballinrees Lady Lorraine; 3, I McIntosh’s Greyburn Ladylilly.

Senior colt foal – 1, RH Black’s Collessie Maximus; 2, C Young's Doura Pheonix; 3, H Emerson’s Lutherington Rockie.

Junior colt foal – 1, RH Black; 2, RH Brewster and H Carr’s Redcastle Angus; 3, C Young's Doura Juno.

Senior filly foal – 1, J Greenhill’s Tulloes Alanna; 2, H Emerson’s Lutherington Dragonfly; 3, C Young’s Aird Zoe.

Junior filly foal – 1, J Greenhill’s Tulloes Jennifer; 2, A Johnstone’s Tannochie Dahlia; 3, J Ingram’s Barns lady Rachel.

Ridden – 1, A Noble's Barra; 2, N Leslie's Collessie First Choice; 3, K Gowans' Downhill Lady Jennifer.

Stallion cart – 1, E Ramsay's Yorkie; 2, V Smith's Bandirran Charlotte; 3, A Noble's Barra.

Young handlers 12-16 – 1, B Duncan; 2, A Elder; 3, W Greenhill. Young handlers 11 and under – 1, K Cowie; 2, M Black; 3, C Young.

Standard Shetland ponies (Judge: D Burnett).

Foal – 1, J Watson’s Abbotsrule Bella; 2, D Lochtie’s Glendyburn Lady Devine; 3, A Mconville’s Baldinnie Valiant.

Yearling – 1, D Lochtie’s Glendyburn Troy; 2, A McConville’s Baldinnie Royal Valor; 3, S Bridgeman’s Achramore Maya.

Two-year-old – 1, T Stuart's Narinian Belle; 2, L Wilson's Glasterlaw Legend; 3, A McConville’s Oldeworld Vivaldi.

Three-year-old – 1, T Stuart’s Stow Braw Lad.

Miniature Shetland ponies (Judge: D Burnett).

Foal – 1, S Murray's Eden Bentley; 2, A McConville’s Baldinnie Endeavour.

Yearling – 1, A Stewart's Elcho Lily.

Two-year-old – 1, J Watson's Abbotsrule Casper.

Any other breed (Judge: Ms S Richardson).

Young stock – 1, Marsh Meddwyn; 2, Major.

In-hand novice – 1, H Orr’s SD Her majesty; 2, J Marshall’s Pillheath Aleisha; 3, Marsh Meddwyn.

In-hand pony – 1, H Orr’s SD Her Majesty; 2, A Martin’s Lowmill Tamara; 3, Marsh Meddwyn.

In-hand horse – 1, K Mcpherson’s Sol.

Ridden novice – 1, H McArthur’s Wardaddy; 2, J Marshall’s Pillheath Aleisha; 3, K Clunie'd Basil.

Ridden pony – 1, J Marshall’s Treworgan Dauntless; 2, Bryncarreg Lightning Jack.

Ridden horse – 1, H McArthur’s Wardaddy; 2, Roman Sioux; 3, B Duncan’s Davy.

Ridden veteran – 1, Bryncarreg Lightning Jack; 2, B Duncan’s Davy.

Ex-racehorse – 1, H McArthur’s Wardaddy; 2, Roman Sioux.

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