Clean work outbye and at hand was more than enough to give Annette Olofsson’s Shep the top spot at Kippen.

Consistently well behaved Cheviot Mule gimmers contributed to a high standard of work on the course, so the best of dogs walked the sheep round the flat field, but those that upset them at the top, suffered for it.

Shep (M Magnusson’s Don, A Oloffson’s Betty) ran out, lifted and fetched his sheep flawlessly, and only as he brought them round Annette’s feet did the line go off a little. The drive started well, although the line wavered a little before the gimmers went through the first drive gate.

The line of the cross drive was slightly low, but Shep put his sheep through the gate, although their line back to the pen was not just as neat as it might have been. A clean pen and shed set the seal on the winning run.

Michael Gallagher was in good form with his Avon Roy hot on Shep’s heels and also with Jacobsdale Bruce, which was third.

Roy (A Gallagher’s Cain, A Warmington’s Kim) ran out cleanly to his sheep and finding that they had moved off from the post, made a grand job of lifting them and realigning through the mist and rain, and fetching them faultlessly to Michael.

The first leg of the drive wavered slightly and again, the cross drive was slightly low and although the turn through the gate was a little wide, the return was good. Roy penned after a small break and a clean shed completed his run for second place.

Again, Bruce (J McLaughlan’s Ben, R Herdsman’s Morag) worked cleanly outbye and he kept his sheet clean on the drive away, although he too was low going into the cross drive gate and made a good return. A serious break at the pen threatened a good run, but he regrouped, penned successfully and shed cleanly to finish third.

The Cheviot ewes at Strathnaver ran well, but were restless at the top of a good, flat field on a wet and wild day.

Michael Shearer’s Cap (JW Common’s Grit, B Smith’s Lass) ran out well and although he lifted offline, he worked very well once he had them on line. The lines of his fetch and drive were very good, but his turns through the drive gates were wide. Clean work at hand put him ahead of a closely packed list.

Jasmine Grant’s Pat (P Byrne’s Moss, and Bracken) slowed down on her outrun, but lifted and fetched with no trouble. Her drive started very well and although the ewes went offline on the cross drive, she got both her gates and a clean pen and a good shed completed the run for second.

Cap’s litter sister, Vicky Shearer’s Misty stopped short on her outrun, meeting her sheep running at her, but handled the situation well to make a good lift and a clean fetch.

Her drive went well, but her turn through the cross drive gate was wide. Misty took a little time before she persuaded the ewes into the pen, and at the shed, one individual wanted to leave the packet alone, but Misty eventually made the required split to earn third spot.

LEADING awards:

Kippen (Judge: K Wood, Blairlogie). Nursery – 13 ran – 1, A Olofsson’s Shep, Alyth, 93; 2, M Gallagher’s Roy, Connachan, 92; 3, M Gallagher’s Bruce, Connachan, 90; 4, K Dickson’s Liz, Fintry, 82 outbye; 5, M Watt’s Hemp, Kirriemuir, 82; 6, D Colthart’s Joff , Kinross, 80; 7, K Craig’s Nell, Tulliemet, 68; 8, D Galbraith’s Taff, Comrie, 66; 9, S Alexander’s Gail, Rickarton, 60.

Strathnaver (Judge: I Sutherland, Strathnaver). Nursery – 27 ran – 1, MC Shearer’s Cap, Westfield, 90; 2, J Grant’s Pat, Dunbeath, 89; 3, V Shearer’s Misty, Westfield, 87; 4, J Grant’s Lad, Dunbeath, 86; 5, G Simpson’s Trish, Forgue, 83; 6, M Sutherland’s Nell, Halkirk, 79; 7, D Simpson’s Freebirch Jade , Barrock, 77; 8, G Simpson’s Luna, Forgue, 75; 9, J Sutherland’s Bryn, Durness, 73; 10, G Dey’s Vic, Bridge of Don, 67 outbye.

Northumberland League

Shirlawhope (Judge:W Armstrong, Bamburgh). Nursery – 22 ran – 1, D Henderson’s Joe, Allendale, 85; 2, M Davidson’s Heather, Lilburn, 84; 3, M Day’s Wilfie, Alwinton, 71 outbye; 4, R MacRae’s Oats, Netherwitton, 71; 5, B Jordan’s, Flake, Whitfield, 70 outbye; 6, D Henderson’s Burndale Mia, Allendale, 70. Novice – F Tinkelenban.