A LIVE on-farm broadcast will show how agriculture can be part of the solution to help Scotland meet its climate change targets.

COP26: Working together to reduce emissions from Scottish farms will be broadcast via Zoom on Monday, November 15 at 7pm.

Organised by the Farm Advisory Service and hosted by former Landward presenter Ken Rundle, the event will see a panel of Scotland’s Rural College and SAC Consulting experts review the main points to come out of COP26 in relation to agriculture.

It will highlight some of the work under way in Scotland to address emissions from agriculture and show what positive, practical steps farmers are taking to demonstrate they do their bit and how it could also benefit farm businesses.

From carbon sequestration to minimising the climate impact from livestock, the specialists will be on hand to answer questions.

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Environment consultant, Seamus Murphy, from SAC Consulting, said: “When the dust settles on COP26 the focus will shift to what action needs to be taken to achieve the different targets. In Scotland and the UK farmers and land managers have a unique and crucial role in both reducing emissions and sequestering carbon.”

Register via the FAS website.