It was a day to remember for the Hall family of Inglewood Edge, Dalston, securing both live and carcase titles with the same lamb in the sheep section at the Scottish National Premier Meat Exhibition.

Although there was no open carcase display as usual at Scotbeef, Bridge of Allan, spectators gathered for the live judging held at Lanark Auction Market for the first time, where the live judge, Graeme Sinclair, Crookston, found his champion in a 39kg liveweight Beltex lamb, which also went on to be the pick for carcase judge, Jimmy Stark, Bluebell, Milton of Glasgow.

The winner killed out at 21.4kg with a E3L and 54.9% KO, while its flock-mate, which won the Jean-Marie Macquet trophy for the champion export lamb, weighed 18.5kg grading at E3L, with a 53.0%KO.

“The champion carcase was an outstanding lamb, full of conformation with plenty of length over its loin, having just the right amount of fat covering and a good depth of shoulder to it,” said Jimmy Stark. “There was very little between my champion and reserve, both were very similar types. I wouldn’t be frightened to send either of them to any of my customers. There was a tremendous line up of carcases on display.

Another outstanding lamb 'with a heavier covering over the loin' was reserve, said Mr Stark. This was the second placed lamb to the champion, a Beltex lamb cross from William Stevenson, Coilavoulin, Pitlochry, killing out at 20.9kg, at E3L and a 52.5% KO.

“It was a shame that not all exhibitors could get in to see the high-quality standard on offer, but it is a credit to everyone who took part getting their lambs into top show condition,” added Mr Stark.

Tommy MacPherson, Pitsundry, Bankfoot, secured a double in the Blackface section taking both champion and reserve honours. Top spot went to a lamb weighing in at 17.6kg on the hook, at U2 and 45.8% KO. The blue and white ticket was taken by a 17.1kg carcase, with a R3H grade and 48.6% KO.

In the Suffolk section, Malcolm Stewart, Brotherstone, Melrose, clinched top spot with a 19.6kg carcase which graded U3L and a 47.6% KO.

George Whyte, Lintibert, Crieff, settled for reserve with the second placed animal both live and dead. This 17.7kg carcase hit the grading at U2 with a 43.3% KO.

It was a North Country Cheviot that took the overall Cheviot award for John Andrews, Rowanston, Maybole. Just a tad short of 21kg – weighing in at 19.5kg, this U3L carcase with a 49.5% KO was ahead of Andrew Reid’s 16.5kg U2 carcase off Glendearg, Langholm, which killed out at 43.7%.

Stuart Robson, Buckholm Farm House, Galashiels, led the young producers’ senior section with a 21.0kg carcase which graded E3L, while winning the juniors was McKenzie Burns, Ballingall Mill, Leslie, with a 19.7kg, U3L lamb.

Among the live judging the reserve honours went to a 40.0kg liveweight second-placed Beltex lamb from Robert Templeton, Carslae, Wigtown. This 21.2kg on the hook was E3L with a 53.0% KO.


(Live judge, Graeme Sinclair, Crookston; carcase judge, Jimmy Stark, Bluebell, Milton of Glasgow).

Champion live lamb, champion lamb carcase, best sired by a Beltex – R Hall and Son, Inglewood Edge.

Reserve live lamb – R Templeton, Carslae.

Reserve champion lamb carcase – WJ Stevenson, Coilavoulin.

Champion Blackface – J and T MacPherson, Pitsundry; reserve – J and T MacPherson.

Champion Suffolk – MM Stewart; reserve – G Whyte.

Champion Cheviot – R and J Andrew, Rowanston; reserve – A Reid and Co.

NCCSS Trophy – R and J Andrew.

Champion export lamb – R Hall and Son.

Blackface light – 1 and 2, J and T MacPherson (1 and 2 live); 3, R and B Dickie (3 live). Heavy – 1 and 2, J and T MacPherson (2 live); 3, WA MacKinnon; T and A Taylor (1 and 3 live);

Cheviot light – 1, A Reid (1 live); 2, WA MacKinnon (3 live); 3, R and J Andrew (2 live). Heavy – 1, R and J Andrew; 2, A Reid (1 and 3 live); 3, WA MacKinnon (2 live).

Native sired lamb – 1, MM Stewart (1 live); 2 and 3, G Whyte (2 live); D Cunningham (3 live).

AOB cross super light – 1, R Hall and Son (3 live); 2, J Guthrie (1 live); 3, G Whyte (2 live). Light – 1, RM Johnstone; 2, D Cunningham (3 live); 3, A Baillie (2 live); R Hall and Son (1 live). Medium – 1, R Hall and Son (1 live); 2, WJ Stevenson; 3, J Guthrie; R Templeton (2 live); WJ Stevenson (3 live). Heavy – 1 and 3, William J Stevenson (2 live); 2, W Kennedy (1 and 3 live).

Young livestock producers' aged 14-18 – 1 and 2, Mckenzie Burns (1 and 2 live). Aged 19-26 – 1 – S Robson (3 live); 2, A Harvey; 3, R MacKinnon (1 live); B Henderson (2 live).