Pedigree breeder Colin Inglis who runs the Greencap herd from Dalachy, Fife, will be the inaugural judge of the British Simmental Cattle Society’s new Next Generation show and sale of pedigree females and weaned calves at Borderway Mart, Carlisle, on December, Friday 3,

The catalogue of 82 head includes mostly maiden heifers, a few served and calved heifers, weaned heifer calves and a select number of bull calves.

Entries are from notable herds to include Islavale, Denizes, Corskie, Atlow, Auchorachan, Popes, Newbiemains, Annick, Omorga, Strathisla, Kennox, Vale Royal, Key, Mavsey, Chestermann, Hepplewhite, Clearwater, Manor Park, Quarry Hill, Scotland Hill, Storersmith and Hemingford.

“I think the Next Generation Sale is a fantastic new fixture,” said Mr Inglis.

“It will showcase the qualities the Simmental breed has to offer and give pedigree breeders and commercial producers a tremendous opportunity to buy new lines and cattle with potential for their herds.

"I’m delighted to have been asked to be the first judge at what I’m sure will establish into a highlight annual fixture for the Simmental breed.”

His Dalachy farm comprises 700 acres and is home to 120 commercial cows, 35 pure Simmentals, 300 ewes, and 300 acres of arable.

With Colin being a self-employed contractor, Dalachy is very much run as a team affair along with Colin’s parents, Tom and Wilma.

“I think the modern Simmental is a tremendous breed for any producer to have.

"The docility of the cows is a great starting point and once calved they have an abundance of milk for the calf to feed and thrive on.

"With current feed prices being so high if you can use the cow’s milk from grass throughout the summer, it’s really a ‘no brainer’. If the calf gets all of that then it’s faster growing and is able to finish within 12-14 months at a fraction of the price if it’s had milk instead of creep feed.”

British Simmental has offered £75 towards membership costs to each purchaser who wishes to join the society following the sale as well as no transfer fees those sold on the day.