WORKING ON the restoration of rivers is one of the new nature-based careers that has emerged from political policies favouring the re-establishment of natural ecosystems.

Now funding has been made available to organisations and businesses looking to develop these specialist skills, via NatureScot's 'Working with Rivers' training scheme, offering up to £7500 per placement to recruit one or more trainees.

This scheme will fund up to 20 paid placements of 12-weeks duration, offering training and high quality on-the-job experience in river restoration, natural flood management, control of invasive non-native species and riverside woodland creation. Applications are open until January 7.

NatureScot’s deputy director of sustainable growth, Claudia Rowse, said: “Natural flood management and river restoration are key nature-based solutions that are essential in helping us to mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change. There is great potential for the growth of nature-based jobs in these areas as we transition to net-zero, but this will require a range of new and enhanced skills.

“These paid placements will give individuals valuable experience and help them to develop the skills required to move into employment in this sector," said Ms Rowse. "In doing so they will also increase capacity to support the kind of river restoration projects that are so essential in tackling the twin nature and climate change crises.”

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Speaking from Skills Development Scotland, Marissa Lippiatt added: “Through the Climate Emergency Skills Action published last year, SDS is working with a range of partners including NatureScot to identify and support the development of green jobs and skills resulting from climate change.

“The Working with Rivers training scheme is a good example of how the National Transition Training Fund can be used in support of this ambition, helping people gain in-demand skills that can unlock new opportunities.”

For more information on the training scheme, or to apply for funding, go to