Sitting here in the throes of Storm Barra trying to create a presentation for the BHS Scotland online agm and it turns out that more than 1500 people have attended our virtual training events in 2021.

This was a far bigger reach across a far wider range of topics than we ever could have achieved pre-pandemic and bear in mind we have held as many face-to-face events outdoors and under restriction.

It was with a sense of relief that that a snowy road trip to Glasgow was prevented today by the ability of this committee to run a 'blended' meeting whereby half the meeting – those within safe striking distance of Glasgow in a storm – were in the meeting room and the rest of us were on a screen. It went well, with everyone contributing.

How life has changed for ever in the last 23 months since a mysterious corona virus related pneumonia was discovered in Wuhan on January 9, 2020.

It is with a huge sense of pride that we can reflect on the role horses have played in delivering wellbeing across society during this horrific time and Scottish horse owners seem to have behaved responsibly with courtesy towards their fellow travellers both on and off the public highway to the most part.

I think we need to be proud of our sector and proud of the amount of ‘prevention through education’ that charities manage to deliver even in difficult times.

Something new for 2022 – it even rhymes! – will be a new educational campaign called 'Stable Mates', which is designed to help horse owners build and maintain strong equal partnerships with their horses.

This aims to keep this rider horse relationship on the right track offering support and resources from experts covering; behavioural changes, rider size and fitness, horse health and suitability and all the knowledge and practical advice required to help horse and rider get the most out of their riding and complement each other.

Stable Mates days are planned for BHS-approved yards offering tailored services so some real hands-on good advice heading our way next year.

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Looking forward, we are planning for a proper year of competitions next year (hopefully) and delighted to welcome new and old sponsors into our Blair Castle championships, Dodson and Horrell, Strawmax and Perth Equine Vets, taking the working hunters and style jumping qualifiers and finals

Another glimmer of hope can be seen in the BHS 'Second Chance' scheme now into its third year where rescued horses and ponies have been given fruitful lives and loving homes in BHS-approved riding schools running the Changing Lives Through Horses’ scheme.

More collaboration between equine charities and more partnerships, if the pandemic has taught us anything it is that we need each other. And, of course, people need horses.

So, it is to the stable we turn for peace and hope this Christmas and every stable across Scotland where horses, ponies and donkeys shelter from storms chewing hay in anticipation of all the good times that the next 12 months will bring.