A very sweet run from Lisa Gast’s Foxridge Vix topped the list at Ardros, with kennel mate Scalpsie Ace hot on her heels.

The Texel cross ewe lambs were very forgiving on a gently downhill sloping course and proved to be the perfect pairing for the young dogs, but an apparent deaf spot just before the cross drive gate created problems for some.

Vix (R Games’Ceafelin Clem (Taff), D Edwards’ Fly) ran out cleanly to her sheep, lifted well and worked very well on the course with only very minor wavers on the fetch and drive and finished her winning run with a clean pen and shed.

The Cheviot mule hoggs at Edinburgh ran on a big flat field, but when they drifted offline on the fetch, the young dogs were scarcely able to realign them.

Julie Hill’s Gwen (J Hill’s Kep and Mollie) got off to a good start, but like others, although better than most, had to work to get the sheep on line on the fetch. Her drive went better and a clean pen and a very good shed secured first place.

Laura Hinneken’s Pillot (M Coeum’s Gunner and Meg) had a good outrun and lift and worked well on the fetch, but on the first leg of her drive, she responded wrongly to a whistle and put the sheep off line there. The hoggs went round the pen before Pillot penned them and completed her run with a clean shed and second place.

Janis Ralston’s nursery bitch Brie (C Pritchard’s Madog Mot, J Ralston’s Nan) topped a strongly contested Novice section in Janis’ first trialling season.

A mix of cross ewe hoggs at Culdees could be tricky to turn round the handler at the post and to pen.

Michael Gallagher’s Avon Roy (A Gallagher’s Cain, A Warmington’s Kim) ran out on the gently falling course, but stopped short before he made a good lift and fetch. Roy made a wide turn round Michael, which impacted on his drive away, but once he had the sheep on line, he got his gates and drove well. Good work at the pen and shed secured first place.

The Blackface hoggs at Deuchrie were a little flighty, but penned well. The uphill course caught out some young dogs, running blind for part of the way, with their sheep out of view.

Ian Brownlie’s Don (JP McGee’s Glencregg Silver, IM Brownlie’s Lia) ran out and landed tight on his sheep at the top, he lifted and made a decent fetch and a good drive. A good pen followed, and although his shed took time and was a little indecisive, once it was made, Don retained his first place of the previous week, at Dryden.

The Texel cross feeding lambs at Yonder Bognie were very good to work with on a gentle downhill slope but they were very stiff to move on the first leg of the drive.

Michael Shearer’s Cap (JW Common’s Grit, B Smith’s Lass) started out wide, but landed right at his sheep, lifted cleanly and made a good fetch. At the first drive gate, an awkward lamb added to the inherent difficulties of the first leg, but Cap got the packet through and worked well on the cross drive. A clean pen and a very good shed completed his winning run.

Jasmine Grant’s Lad ( ) ran out clean to his sheep, but they moved off at his approach and he lifted slightly off line which affected the start of the fetch.The fetch and drive went well, with just minor wavers; a good pen and a clean shed finished the work in second place.

LEADING awards:

Ardros (Judge: D McMullen, Glenarm). Nursery – 16 ran – 1, L Gast’s Foxridge Vix, Scalpsie, 95; 2, L Gast’s Scalpsie Ace, Scalpsie, 93 outbye; 3, E Gray’s Reiver Grey, Ardros, 93; 4, N McVicar’s Mark, Benmore, 87; 5, SL Davidson’s Jack, Sandbank, 86; 6, L Gast’s Scalpsie June, Scalpsie, 82; 7, S McCrindle’s Tess, Stranraer, 80; 8, E Gray’s Graylees Blue, Ardros, 79; 9, K Bergan’s Ben, Highland, 75; 10, A McCulloch’s Maid, Dalmellington, 74.

Yonder Bognie (Judge:K Brehmer, New Bythe). Nursery – 20 ran – 1, MC Shearer’s Cap, Westfield, 89; 2, J Grant’s Lad, Dunbeath, 88; 3, J Grant’s Pat, Dunbeath, 86; 4, G Simpson’s Luna, Forgue, 85; 5, G Simpson’s Fleet, Forgue, 83; 6, G Simpson’s Trish, Forgue, 80; 7, V Shearer’s Misty, Westfield, 78; 8, G Dey’s Vic, Bridge of Don, 77; 9, W Davidson’s Lisa, Turriff, 66; 10, E Griffiths’ Gwen, Kintore, 60; 11, H Johnstone’s Musgrave Gin, Fyvie, 55.

Edinburgh (Judge: D Gilchrist, Oxton). Nursery – 22 ran – 1, J Hill’s Gwen, Heriot, 87; 2, L Hinneken’s Pillot, Quothquan, 85; 3, L Hinneken’s Lhinnek Cruze, Quothquan, 83; 4, R Henderson’s Lad, Crawford, 82; 5, I Fleming’s Roy, Douglas, 81; 6, D Wallace’s Flint, Blyth Bridge, 76; 7, J Ralston’s Brie, Torrance, 75; 8, C Caerts’ Roy, Belgium, 71; 9, RB Henderson’s Kim, Broughton, 70 outbye; 10, T McKinlay’s Mel, Coulter, 70. Novice – 21 ran – 1, J Ralston’s Brie, Torrance, 75; 2, M McColm’s Sky, Leadhills, 73; 3, T McKinlay’s Mel, Coulter, 70 outbye; 4, A Walker’s Midge, Hamilton,70; 5, S Binette’s Dana, Quothquan, 69; 6, K Blackwood’s Hank, Abington, 68; 7, K Blackwood’s Ned, Abington, 67; 8, A Walker’s Roy, Hamilton, 63 outbye; 9, R Reid’s Lyn, Carnwath, 63; 10, A Frame’s Jill, Corsock, 58.

Culdees (Judge:A Sim, Powmill). Nursery – 13 ran – 1, M Gallagher’s Avon Roy, Connachan, 87; 2, S McAuley’s Mirk, Conachan, 85; 3, M Gallagher’s Jacobsdale Bruce, Connachan, 77; 4, K Dickson’s Liz, Fintry,72; 5, C Maitland Gardner’s Jess, Muthill, 68 outbye; 6, A Wilkie’s Vic, Glenmoy,68; 7, K Craig’s Nell, Tulliemet, 63 Outbye; 8, S Alexander’s Gail, Rickarton, 63; 9, A Olofsson’s Shep, Alyth, 62; 10, M Watt’s Hemp, Kirriemuir, 48. Novice – K Craig’s Nell, Tulliemet, 63.

Dryden (Judge: D Gilchrist, Oxton). Nursery – 10 ran – 1, IM Brownlie’s Don, Deuchrie, 86; 2, M Arres’ Midge, Dryden, 80; 3, J Robinson’s Tweed, Coldingham, 78; 4, IM Brownlie’s Jill, Deuchrie, 75; 5, A Dickman’s Glen, Oxton, 70; 6, A Dickman’s Bill, Oxton, 65. Novice – 1, E Runciman’s Kim, Lauder; 2, G Pate’s Mo, Humbie.

Deuchrie (Judge: N McVicar, Benmore). Nursery – 12 ran – 1, IM Brownlie’s Don, Deuchrie, 82; 2, M Arres’ Midge, Dryden, 75; 3, IM Brownlie’s Jill, Deuchrie, 67; 4, A Dickman’s Glen, Oxton, 62; 5, J Robinson’s Tweed, Coldingham, 58; 6, E Foster’s Gog, Brotherston, 54. Novice – 1, G Pate’s Mo, Humbie; 2, E Runciman’s Kim, Lauder.

Northumberland League

Netherwitton (Judge:JJ Pattinson, Roman Wall). Nursery – 24 ran – 1, B Jordan’s, Flake, Whitfield, 91; 2, B Jordan’s, Trefynor Solo, Whitfield, 84; 3, M Davidson’s Heather, Lilburn, 72 outbye; 4, M Davidson’s Meg, Lilburn,72; 5, R MacRae’s Oats, Netherwitton, 68; 6, A Saul’s Ben, Otterburn, 65. Novice – A Saul’s Jack, Otterburn, 74.