First class work from Danny Mitchell’s 18-month-old Skye won Kirkcowan nursery with a comfortable lead over the field for a very steady run that came into its own with a slow and steady drive.

The Lleyn hoggs behaved well on a rising course which gave good viewing for handlers and spectators, although incoming mist obscured some aspects, but most dogs found their sheep. The hoggs could gather speed on the downhill fetch, but they were altogether more challenging at hand.

Skye (C Cropper’s Derwen Gus, D Mitchell’s Kate) ran out well and although she was slightly short on her outrun, she lifted her sheep cleanly from behind. She achieved an excellent fetch and kept them under calm and steady control as she guided them round the drive, keeping good lines and turns.

She penned after a small break, and with a little time, she completed her winning run with a successful shed, leaving the also rans some distance behind her.

John Paterson’s Scalpsie Roy (L Gast’s Ben and Scalpsie Gael) was also short on his outrun, then he took some time to make his lift. His fetch went well, with minor wavers, his drive was very good and a clean pen followed. Again, the shed took time, but once completed, Roy took second place.

Packets of four sheep were good to handle round the flat course at Gaups Mill, and they behaved very well at the chute.

Wullie Welsh’s Fletch (C Mellin’s Moorlodge Ben, P Simpson’s Gillieglen Mist) ran out on a good line, landed right behind his sheep, lifted them flawlessly and they moved down the fetch at a good pace with only very minor deviations.

Fletch turned the sheep round Wullie and away on a good line up the first leg of the drive and completed the drive with only minor wavers. A clean chute and shed followed and Fletch earned first place.

Fraser Shennan’s Belle (F Shennan’s Spot, J Shennan’s Rosie) did not start out quite so well, but Belle made a good fetch and had the best drive of the day which brought her within a point of Fletch. Another clean chute followed, but a little difficulty at the shed put her into second place.

The Blackface ewes at the Lanes, Barr, ran very well for two trials on an undulating, 250-yard course on a dry, sunny day, but they were not readily penned.

In the first trial, Ian Fergie’s Heatherhill Mac (Heatherhill Skip, High Peak Gem) ran out cleanly to his sheep and although he was slightly hesitant on his lift, he made a clean fetch and had a very good drive, with just a slight waver of the line. He penned after two breaks and was slightly hesitant at the shed, but once that was completed Mac had earned first place with a long lead over the field.

Sandy McCulloch’s Maid (JP McGee’s Glencregg Silver, DP Mullaney’s Bell) got off to a clean start, although her line wavered before the ewes went through the fetch gate. She had wide turns out of both drive gates, but with the best finish of the day, dropping only minor points, Maid finished in first place at the second trial.

Willie Welsh’s Jet (T Vickers’ Kemi Bryn and Groesfaen Anita) was slightly short and a tad hesitant at the top and the ewes went a little offline on their way in and again on the first leg of the drive. Jet’s turns through the gates were slightly wide, but he penned after a break and completed his shed with some hesitation and took second place behind Maid.


Kirkcowan (Judge: W Anderson, Stranraer). Nursery – 11 ran – 1, D Mitchell’s Skye, New Luce, 94; 2, J Paterson’s Scalpsie Roy, Kirkcowan, 89; 3, S McCrindle’s Tess, Palnackie, 85; 4, C Armstrong’s Isla, Archbank, 82; 5, A Stewart’s Jet, Lockerbie, 76; 6, I McMillan’s Sweep, Newton Stewart, 64; 7, C Caygill’s Stan, Whinnyliggate, 57; 8, G Mitchell’s Rab, New Luce, 51; 9, D Mitchell’s Tia, New Luce, 49.

Gaups Mill, Moniaive (Judge: B White, Dalry). Nursery – 13 ran – 1, WJ Welsh’s Heyshaw Fletch, Sanquhar, 92; 2, F Shennan’s Belle, Barr, 90; 3, D Aitken’s Tweeddale Jill, Peebles, 81; 4, D Robertson’s Cap, Langholm, 80; 5, JA Common’s Gelli Jack, Lockerbie, 73; 6, J Thomson’s Brober Rock, Carsphairn; 7, T Blacklock’s Logue, Kirkconnel; 8, JW Common’s Zac, Lockerbie ; Sportsmanship - D Aitken’s Tweeddale Jill, Peebles. Novice – 1, J Thomson’s Northtyne Spear, Carsphairn, 81. Pro-novice – 1, D Aitken’s Kim, Peebles, 88; 2, T Blacklock’s Dan, Kirkconnel, 81; 3, H Jackson’s Tom, Carsphairn, 78; 4, D McMillan's Ruby, Carsphairn, 67.

Troneyhill (Judge: P Turnbull, Debdon). Nursery – 13 ran – 1, IM Brownlie’s Don, Deuchrie, 92; 2, M Arres’ Midge, Dryden, 86; 3, C Dickson’s Alfie, Coldingham, 83; 4, J Robinson’s Tweed, Coldingham, 78; 5, IM Brownlie’s Jill, Deuchrie, 78; 6, A Dickman’s Bill, Oxton, 74. Novice – 1, D MacLean’s, Rede, Longformacus, 67; 2, D MacLean’s, Dell, Longformacus, 55.

Barr I (Judge: N McVicar, Benmore). Nursery – 5 ran – 1, I Fergie's Heatherhill Mac, Straiton, 89; 2, A McCulloch’s Maid, Dalmellington,76; 3, I Fergie's Ben, Straiton,72; 4, W Welsh’s Jet, Dalmellington, 69; 5, W McMillan’s Spud, Straiton, 63.

Barr II (Judge: S McCrindle, Stranraer). Nursery – 5 ran – 1, A McCulloch’s Maid, Dalmellington, 89; 2, W Welsh’s Jet, Dalmellington, 82; 3, I Fergie's Heatherhill Mac, Straiton,74; 4, I Fergie's Ben, Straiton, 69; 5, W McMillan’s Spud, Straiton, 59.

Abington (Judge: C Armstrong, Archbank). Nursery –16 ran – 1, J Hill’s Gwen, Heriot, 88; 2, L Hinneken’s Lhinnek Cruze, Quothquan, 86; 3, I Fleming’s Roy, Douglas, 80 outbye; 4, RB Henderson’s Kim, Broughton, 80; 5, R Henderson’s Lad, Crawford, 78; 6, S Morgan’s Nant-Y-Moel Bow, Heriot, 76; 7, S Morgan’s Mainstay Glen, Heriot, 75; 8, L Hinneken’s Pillot, Quothquan,73; 9, J Hill’s Jiggs, Heriot, 72; 10, J Ralston’s Brie, Torrance, 58. Novice – 16 ran – 1, K Aitchison's Beth, Mossdale,79; 2, S Binette’s Jamie, Quothquan, 74; 3, K Blackwood’s Hank, Abington, 72; 4, S Binette’s Dana, Quothquan, 69; 5, M McColm’s Sky, Leadhills, 67; 6, R Reid’s Lynn, Carnwath, 60; 7, J Ralston’s Brie, Torrance, 58; 8, A Frame’s Jill, Corsock, 56; 9, R Reid’s Taff, Carnwath, 55; 10, E Mackinnon’s Twist, Quothquan, 50.

Everor, Shetland (Judge: I Sutherland, North Roe). Nursery – 12 ran – 1, C Williamson’s Flynn, Ollaberry; 2, R Colclough’s Dot, Westsandwick; 3, C Williamson’s Jed, Ollaberry; 4, J Nicolson’s Flo, Scalloway; D Murray’s Meg, North Roe.