More than 80% of the trees planted in the UK during 2021 were planted in Scotland.

Research from the Scottish Parliament Information Centre shows that across the year, 10,600 hectares of trees were planted here – the equivalent of more than 14,000 football pitches.

By contrast, just 2000 hectares were planted in England and just 290 hectares in Wales. In total, there was 13,000 hectares of trees planted across the UK, with Scotland making up 80% of that total. Within that, Scotland also met its target of 40% of those trees planted being broadleaved.

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Commenting, SNP MSP Jackie Dunbar said: “In the year in which Scotland hosted the world at COP26, we continue to take the lead in the UK on taking those vital steps needed to tackle the climate emergency, but our record on tree-planting is particularly impressive.

“During COP, we heard how important trees were to soak up carbon, in fact several countries such as Brazil pledged to rule out deforestation by 2030. In Scotland we are already taking action by planting thousands of hectares of trees.

“To tackle the climate emergency, countries of all size have a responsibility to raise their game. Scotland’s record on tree-planting is just one example of how we continue to punch above our weight when it comes to meeting our climate goals.”