Stability is again the theme amongst the breeds other than Holstein, where lower numbers tested inevitably generate less change across the Jersey, Friesian and Ayrshire Profitable Lifetime Index (£PLI) rankings, published by AHDB Dairy.


River Valley Cece Chrome retains his No 1 position within the Jersey breed, continuing to offer the highest production amongst the £PLI leaders, with a Predicted Transmitting Ability of 841kg milk and a combined fat plus protein of an impressive 64.6kg. Also offering a Type Merit of 2.2, his PLI is £546.

Retaining his second place is Danish VJ Raastrup Hihl Gislev (PLI £471), whose vastly different breeding pattern includes higher quality milk, a breed-leading Somatic Cell Count Index (SCC -22) and a favourable score for HealthyCow (£102).

A new bull enters the running at No 3 in the shape of VJ Ravninggaard Huus Hamlet. His high health credentials are rolled into a HealthyCow index of £168 and a PLI of £459.

Moving up to No 4 is VJ Hagenbjerggaard Hian Hitman (PLI £425) which is now one of the highest ranking HealthyCow bulls of the breed, at £169.

Rounding off the Jersey top five is VJ Aarre Lappe Lari (PLI £412), whose favourable index for Maintenance (-15) helps earn him one of the highest EnviroCow scores of the breed, at +2.6.


Amongst the reds and Ayrshires, VR Vilano retains his No 1 position, with a PLI of £468. He offers good PTAs for production and daughter fertility (FI + 11.2), and a favourable EnviroCow of 2.8

Second ranking VR Gobel remains unchanged in his position, offering long daughter lifespans (+116 days) and a PLI of £467.

A shuffle in the rankings sees VR Vimpula move up to third position, transmitting the highest milk production of the breed, (PTA milk, 799kg), with an EnviroCow of 3.2 and a PLI of £456.

VR Alatalon Flame Feton drops slightly to No 4 (PLI £430), but takes the top spot for Fertility Index at +15.2.

Moving up to No 5 is VR Fabu, another daughter fertility improver (FI +13.3) – the highest bull on the ranking for HealthyCow (£238) and offering a PLI of £406.


Carrickshock GTW remains unchanged as the top Friesian bull, at PLI £396, also maintaining his position with the second highest milk PTA at 546kg, and the highest fat (23.2kg) and protein (22.4kg).

Inch Persistent moves back up to the No 2 position, notable for his desirable Lifespan Index (+128 days). His PLI is £366.

Remaining at No 3 is Catlane Caleb, retaining excellent daughter credentials for fertility (FI +11.2), a top score for maintenance, EnviroCow of 2.2 and a PLI of £348.

Moving up to four is Manorpark Google, whose solid production PTA (481kg milk, 21.3kg fat and 15.8kg protein) help earn him a PLI of £316.

With a PLI of £307, Catlane Cromwell completes the Friesian top five, earning the best HealthyCow amongst the front-runners, at £209.

Other breeds

Other dairy breed indexes are published online (, where the Montbéliarde, Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Shorthorn and Fleckvieh are all represented.

Marco Winters, head of animal genetics for AHDB added: “It’s important to note that £PLIs and their components cannot be compared across breeds. If that type of across-breed comparison is required, it can be done by using the Spring-Calving Index (£SCI) or Autumn-Calving Index (£ACI), depending on your production system.”