The 150th year of the ANM Group kicked off in style at Thainstone Centre, Inverurie, with an Anniversary show and sale of store cattle, a charity auction and the annual sale of bulling heifers from William and David Moir, Moir Livestock, Fraserburgh.

Taking the store cattle show and sale by storm to win both the champion and the reserve honours were Limousin cross heifers from Andrew Anderson, Smallburn Farms, Elgin.

Judge Alex Reid, Mill of Haulkerton, Laurencekirk, found his supreme in a 21-month-old home-bred heifer which scaled 648kg, and later sold for the top price of £3200 to Alan Taylor, Woodlands, Aboyne.

Andrew Anderson left, won both the champion and the reserve honours with Limousin cross heifers at the store cattle show sponsored by Eric Thomson of Thomson of Sauchen Transport, right

Andrew Anderson left, won both the champion and the reserve honours with Limousin cross heifers at the store cattle show sponsored by Eric Thomson of Thomson of Sauchen Transport, right

The reserve from Smallburn Farms, was a similarly aged heifer which made £1800 to the judge, Mr Reid.

Two Limousin cross heifers from Malcolm Allan of Uppermill Farms, Springburn, Kintore, won the champion pair and also realised £1800 per head to the judge.

In addition to the weekly store cattle sale, William and David Moir, Home Farm, Cairness, Fraserburgh, staged their annual sale of bulling heifers which saw no fewer than 152 sell to average £1999.64 or 358p per kg.

Top price in this section was £4600 achieved for a Limousin cross heifer, purchased by Backmuir Livestock, Keith, on behalf of Jalex, Northern Ireland.

Overall, no fewer than 19 bulling heifers from the Moirs sold for more than £2500.

ANM's appeal to members and customers to donate a beast to be the first animal to be sold in the ring at this special event, auctioned by John Angus, saw a 15-month-old British Blue cross heifer from Blair Duffton, Huntly, sell for £1800 to James Gracey, Moss-side, Gight.

Blair Duffton and Pete Watson, chairman of ANM, donated animals for the charity sale

Blair Duffton and Pete Watson, chairman of ANM, donated animals for the charity sale

This was later followed by a 10-month-old Charolais cross steer from the Watson family, Darnford, Banchory, which made £2000 to Andrew Ingram, buying on behalf of East Comalegy Ltd.

All proceeds will be donated to ANM's three nominated charities – Abbie’s Sparkle Foundation, Charlies House and the Scottish Association Mental Health (SAMH).

The group is also planning other events to include a staff, members and customers barbecue and a charity auction as well as activity at the Caithness and Elgin centres to raise as much money as possible.

“We have had a fantastic start to the 150th anniversary celebrations here today at Thainstone,” said John Angus, head of livestock for Aberdeen and Northern Marts. A terrific show of mainly strong conditioned cattle met a brisk demand, particularly good, well-bred yearlings.

“Thanks must go to Blair Duffton and the Watson family for donating their animals, and to Mr Gracey and Mr Ingram for supporting the three chosen charities," added Mr Angus.

Overall, 566 store bullocks sold to 305.9p per kg for a 376kg Charolais cross from Lagavaich, Glenlivet and £1580 for a 662kg Charolais cross from Loanend, Lumphanan, to average 237.7p.

The 89 Aberdeen-Angus bullocks which levelled at 228.7p hit a top price of 239.6p per kg for a pen of six 578kg entries from Clunycrichton, Banchory or £1480 per head.

Smallburn Farms, Plewlands, led the 399 heifers which cashed in at 233.9p per kg with the champion, a 648kg Limousin cross which sold at 493.8p per kg or £3200.

Leading the 35 Aberdeen-Angus heifers at 226p per kg was a pen of seven 542kg entries from Bogentassie, Lumphanan or £1405 paid for a pair from North Balnoon, Forgue. They averaged 215.3p per kg.

A 386kg Limousin cross from Birselasie, Midmar, topped the three bulls at 194.3p per kg or £750.

LEADING prices

Store cattle – Bullocks– Up to 300kg – Wester Tillathrowie (Sh) £795, 270.4p. 301-350kg – Lagavaich (Char) £1060, 304.6p. 351-400kg – Lagavaich (Char) £1195, 304.8p. 401-450kg – Lagavaich (Char) £1250, 288p. 451-500kg – Uppermill Farms (BB) £1300, Lagavaich (Char) 271.9p. 501-550kg – Newton of Mountblairy (Lim) £1520, 277.4p. 551-600kg – Doonby (Lim), Croftbain (Char) £1460, Doonby (Lim) 247.5p. 601-650kg – Knapps of Bedlam (Lim), Standingstones (Lim) £1550, Standingstones (Lim) 254.9p. 651-700kg – Westerton of New Rayne (Lim) £1570, 240.8p. 701-750kg – North Balnoon (Char) £1525, 210.6p.

A-A – Up to 450kg – Glencuie £1015, 228.6p. 451-500kg – Glencuie £1090, 235.9p. 501-550kg – Clunycrichton £1270, North Balnoon 235.7p. 551-600kg – Clunycrichton £1385, Bogentassie 239.2p. 601-650kg – Clunycrichton £1480, 231.3p.

Heifers – Up to 300kg – Fairburn (Lim) £710, 271.5p. 301-350kg – Barns (Char) £845, 250p. 351-400kg – Lagavaich (Char) £1065, 281.7p. 401-450kg – Uppermill Farms (BB) £1320, 305.6p. 451-500kg – Bogentassie (Char) £1310, Ardgathen Croft (BB) 273.5p. 501-550kg – 2 Bogie Street (Lim) £1360, 269.8p. 551-600kg – 2 Bogie Street (Lim) £1430, 244p. 601-650kg – Uppermill Farms (Char), Kennieshillock (Char) £1500, Kennieshillock (Char) 248.3p. 651-700kg – Smallburn Farms (Lim) £1800, 264.7p. 701-750kg – Uppermill Farms (Lim) £1800, 251.4p.

A-A – Up to 350kg – Achnahannet £720, 205.7p. 401-450kg – Strathorn £975, Ardgathen Croft 218.4p. 451-500kg – Uppermill Farms £1095, 225.3p. 501-550kg – Bogentassie £1225, Glencuie 222.9p. 551-600kg – Uppermill Farms £1260, North Balnoon 213.8p. 601-650kg – Bogentassie £1360, 216.6p. 651-700kg – North Balnoon 212.9p.

LEADING awards

Bullocks – Light –1 and 3, W MacGillivray Glastullich Nigg Station, 486kg, £1270 and 486kg, £1270; 2, A and A Wright Lagavaich, Glenlivet, 392kg, £1195. Heavy – 1, TE and M Walker, Newton of Mountblairy, 548kg, £1520; 2 and 3, A and CM Will, Standingstones, 608kg, £1550 and 628kg, £1545.

Heifers – Light – 1, Uppermill Farms, Springburn, Kintore, 428kg, £1180; 2 and 3, A and A Wright, Lagavaich, 454kg, £1190 and 492kg, £1270. Heavy – 1 and 2, Smallburn Farms, 648kg, £3200 and 680kg, £1800; 3, Uppermill Farms, 634kg, £1500.

Pairs – Bullocks – 1, Uppermill Farms, 480kg, £1300 and 434kg, £1090; 2, G and E Will, Westerton of New Rayne, Insch, 644kg, £1530; 3, C Smith, Bogentassie, Lumphanan 496kg, £1290. Heifers – Uppermill Farms, 716kg, £1800; 2, C Smith, Bogentassie, 606kg, £1415; 3, A and A Wright, Lagavaich, 376kg, £1150.

Pens of four – Bullocks – 1, Alexander Farms, Clunycrighton, Banchory, 602kg, £1450; 2, G and E Will, Westerton of New Rayne, 632kg, £1445. Heifers – C Smith, Bogentassie, 570kg, £1335.