ATVs and SSVs are must-have vehicles for farms up and down the country because they are ‘vehicular Swiss army knives’ for users.

Their versatility and reliability make them suitable for multiple jobs and terrains. In addition, their size and power enable them to reach locations those other vehicles such as tractors or 4 x 4s may not be able to access.

As a brand, Can-Am has experienced sizeable market share growth, even during the Covid-19 pandemic, as users continued to purchase an ATV or SSV that can handle the jobs they are needed for.

Taking the utility market, it has seen an overall decline of around -4.9% MAT (moving annual total) in 2021 (Jan-Nov latest figures) compared to last year. According to James Dalke, district commercial manager for BRP – the owners of the Can-Am brand. These figures highlight a reduction in the smaller vehicle sector but an increase in the 500cc-plus sector, which was a trend also seen in 2020.

In a competitive marketplace, Can-Am continued its strong performance, he added: “The Can-Am brand is continuing to expand its share of the ATV and SSV markets with the help of innovative models being added to the off-road line-up.

"Moving forward, we will look to continue this trend in 2022, whilst also focussing intently on the service and support provided by the dealer network. We are working hard to ensure that they are also adequately supported in these challenging times.”

Regarding market trends, Mr Dalke said: “The industries that utility vehicles are used in ensures there is a constant demand for them. We do not expect this demand to diminish anytime soon and our growing dealer network will be there to ensure users choose the correct model for their requirements.

"When it comes to trends for utility ATVs, we expect that users will continue to invest in the higher cc models to ensure they have a vehicle that is capable of meeting the constantly evolving demands of the jobs and the sites they are being used on.

"With SSVs, we continue to see an increase in demand for these vehicles as they tread lightly when the going is very challenging and provide a good balance between transporting people and cargo safely, comfortably and efficiently.”

Focusing on power, performance and versatility, BRP planned to showcase its new Can-Am Traxter HD7 and Can-Am Traxter HD9 at LAMMA 2022 this week, but this event has now been re-scheduled.

The Traxter HD7 is a work-ready vehicle that provides the user with consistent performance, no matter the terrain. With the help of the new HD7 Rotax engine, the vehicle has been optimised for off-road use and produces 37% more power than the HD5 engine it replaced that means it churns out 52bhp.

Meanwhile, the Traxter HD9 has class-leading power at 65bhp – 30% more than previously – and low-end torque thanks to its new Rotax HD9 engine.

The other vehicles meant to be at LAMMA included the price competitive Can-Am Outlander 450 and the Outlander 570 XU.

The Can-Am off-road team has an exclusive partnership with NFU Scotland, and as a brand, it also regularly communicates the importance of ATV and SSV security, and the benefits of Can-Am's Digitally Encoded Security System (DESS) Key, which restricts access to the bike's electronic ignition system.