A well controlled run at Moniaive from Fraser Shennan’s Belle, left the field far behind her.

Cheviot cross hoggs were good to handle round a flat course; they were easily penned and shed, but the wintry weather made hearing difficult for the dogs, particularly at the far end.

Belle (F Shennan’s Spot, J Shennan’s Rosie) ran out right to the back of her sheep on a nice line and lifted them in a controlled manner and fetched them down to Fraser. They continued round him and up the first leg of the drive on a good line, at a nice pace.

The pack went through the first gates and turned neatly on to a good line for the slightly uphill cross drive – there was a little hesitation before the cross drive gate, but Belle put her sheep safely through and turned them neatly back for the return. She put them straight into the pen and Fraser and Belle pulled off the shed with ease, earning first place with a very long lead.

The Blackface hoggs at Strachur were manageable on a big, flat field if dogs could push without upsetting them, on a cold, wet day. Stuart Davidson’s Jack (P Byrne’s Moss, D Shiel’s Mist) ran out and lifted flawlessly and although the hoggs wavered off line before fetch gate, they went through.

They made a wide turn round Stuart’s feet and through both sets of drive gates, but a clean pen and a good shed set the seal on the winning run in horrendous weather.

The Suffolk cross hoggs at Spottiswood ran well on the gentle downhill course, but tested the young dogs at the pen. Andrew Dickman’s Telfit Glen (DK Evans’ Derwyn Doug, H Harrison’s Meg) worked very well outbye.

Although the line wavered on the first leg of the drive and the hoggs tried to avoid both sets of gates, Glen put them through. They would have avoided the pen too, if they could but Glen got them without a break and completed the winning run with a good shed.

LEADING awards:

Strachur (Judge: N Gillon, Dailly). Nursery – 23 ran – 1, SL Davidson’s Jack, Sandbank, 88; 2, C Toner’s Niro Mace, Drimsynie, 82 outbye; 3, C Toner’s Sue, Drimsynie, 82; 4, L Gast’s Scalpsie Annie, Scalpsie, 74; 5, N McVicar’s Mark, Benmore, 73; 6, L Gast’s Scalpsie Ace, Scalpsie, 71; 7, L Gast’s Foxridge Vix, Scalpsie, 67; 8, V Mathie’s Venn, Kilmalcolm, 57; 9, J Howatson, Peat, West Kilbride, 50.

Kirkcudbright, Moniaive (Judge: R Armour, New Cumnock). Nursery – 10 ran – 1, F Shennan’s Belle, Barr, 88; 2, D Aitken’s Tweeddale Jill, Peebles, 77; 3, WJ Welsh’s Heyshaw Fletch, Sanquhar, 74; 4, D Robertson’s Cap, Langholm, 67; 5, J Thomson’s Brober Rock, Carsphairn. Novice – 1, J Thomson’s Northtyne Spear, Carsphairn,70. Pro-novice – 1, H Jackson’s Tom, Carsphairn; Sandy Montgomery Sportsmanship Trophy – D Robertson’s Cap, Langholm, 67.

Tinto (Judge: D Robertson, Langholm). Nursery – 16 ran – 1, L Hinneken’s Lhinnek Cruze, Quothquan, 86; 2, D Wallace’s Flint, Blyth Bridge, 83; 3, K Blackwood’s Ned, Abington, 81; 4, J Hill’s Jiggs, Heriot, 80; 5, S Morgan’s Nant-Y-Moel Bow, Heriot, 77; 6, I Fleming’s Roy, Douglas, 75; 7, L Hinneken’s Pillot, Quothquan, 74; 8, J Hill’s Gwen, Heriot, 68; 9, A Walker’s Roy, Hamilton, 62; 10, S Morgan’s Mainstay Glen, Heriot, 58. Novice – 12 ran – 1, K Blackwood’s Ned, Abington, 81; 2, K Blackwood’s Hank, Abington, 77; 3, R Reid’s Lynn, Carnwath, 72; 4, T McKinlay’s King, Coulter, 63; 5, A Walker’s Roy, Hamilton, 62; 6, R Reid’s Taff, Carnwath, 60.

Dalfarson Park, Loch Doon I (Judge: H Young, Crosshill). Nursery – 3 ran – 1, W Welsh’s Jet, Dalmellington, 84; 2, I Fergie's Heatherhill Mac, Straiton, 73; 3, A McCulloch’s Maid, Dalmellington, 69.

Dalfarson Park, Loch Doon II (Judge: C Derwent, Dumfries House) Nursery – 3 ran – 1, W Welsh’s Jet, Dalmellington, 87; 2, A McCulloch’s Maid, Dalmellington, 85; 3, I Fergie's Heatherhill Mac, Straiton,71.

Bixter I, Shetland (Judge: M Cameron, Lerwick). Nursery – 10 ran – 1, D Murray’s Meg, North Roe, 83; 2, R Farquhar’s Nip, West Burrafirth, 79; 3, J Nicolson’s Flo, Scalloway, 71; 4, R Colclough’s Dot, Westsandwick, 70; 5, C Williamson’s Jed, Ollaberry, 48.

Bixter II, Shetland (Judge: S Fraser, Cullswick). Nursery – 10 ran – 1, J Ramsay’s Spot, Ollaberry, 90; 2, J Nicolson’s Flo, Scalloway, 88; 3, D Murray’s Meg, North Roe, 86; 4, R Colclough’s Dot, Westsandwick, 75; 5, C Williamson’s Flynn, Ollaberry, 73.

Dryden (Judge: J Foster, Earlston). Nursery – 13 ran – 1, M Arres’ Midge, Dryden, 82; 2, IM Brownlie’s Don, Deuchrie, 81; 3, J Robinson’s Tweed, Coldingham, 79; 4, A Dickman’s Telfit Glen, Oxton, 71; 5, A Dickman’s Bill, Oxton, 58 outbye; 6, IM Brownlie’s Jill, Deuchrie, 58; Novice E Runciman’s Kim, Lauder.

Spottiswood (Judge: J Allan, Mount Benger). Nursery – 12 ran – 1, A Dickman’s Telfit Glen, Oxton, 81; 2, IM Brownlie’s Don, Deuchrie, 80; 3, IM Brownlie’s Jill, Deuchrie, 74; 4, A Dickman’s Bill, Oxton, 73; 5, M Arres’ Midge, Dryden, 72; 6, J Robinson’s Tweed, Coldingham, 65.

Springfield, Arran I (Judge: N Henderson, Kilpatrick). Nursery – 10 ran – 1, W Stevenson’s Dusk, Whiting Bay,72; 2, I Logan’s Chris, Pirnmill, 60; 3, S McMaster’s Dan, Kilmory, 57. Older dogs – 1, I McConnell’s Joe, Lamlash, 87; 2, W Stevenson’s Arran McLeod,Whiting Bay, 85; 3, M McNeish’s Pip, Sliddery, 80.

Springfield, Arran II (Judge: N Henderson, Kilpatrick). Nursery – 10 ran – 1, W Stevenson’s Dusk, Whiting Bay, 83; 2, S McMaster’s Dan, Bennan, 71; 3, I Logan’s Chris, Pirnmill, 66.

Laggan (Judge: P Simpson, Kirriemuir). Nursery – 25 ran – 1, M Gallagher’s Jacobsdale Bruce, Alyth; 2, M Gallagher’s Avon Roy, Alyth; 3, S Martin’s Kate, Cashlie; 4, A Olofsson’s Shep, Alyth ; 5, M Watt’s Hemp, Kirriemuir; 6, S McAuley’s Mirk, Crieff ; 7, T Kerr’s Will, Muthill; 8, A Wilkie’s Vic, Glenmoy; 9, J Fotheringham’s Mist, Ardler; 10, P Martin’s Gwen, Glenlyon.