Roots, grain and silage

LEADING awards

Spring seed barley – 1, R Wilson, Turtory (Laureate); 2, D Farquhar, North Hollymill (Sassy); 3, D MacKay, Netherwood Lodge (Sassy). Spring barley – 1 and 3, J and E Forrester, Aldie (Propino and Planet); 2, A Grant, Cooper Quarry (Diablo).

Spring malting barley – 1 and champion barley, George Campbell Farmers, Thurdistoft (Firefox); 2 and reserve barley, R and J Francis, Scotston (Laureate); 3, Charlie Strang Steel, Sluie (Diablo).

Milling oats – 1 and oats champion, George Campbell Farmers (Elyan); 2, and reserve J Shepherd, Murphiehowe (Canyon); 3, D Munro, Dornoch (Canyon).

Winter wheat – 1 and overall grain champion, A Grant, Cooper Quarry (Jackal); 2 and reserve wheat, AJ Duncan, Muirden (Saki); 3, Begrow Farms, Duffus (Skyscraper).

Roots – Potatoes – 12 white – 1 and champion and 2 and reserve, G Cumming, Bucksburn (Winston and Nadine). 12 coloured – 1 and champion, and 2, G Cumming (Kestrel and Maxine); 3, A Beattie.

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Turnips – Four yellow/white fleshed – 1 and champion and 3, J and E Forrester, Aldie (Massiff); 2, HP Sleigh, St Johns Wells (Marian). Four purple top Swedish – 1 and reserve, W Stewart, Bomakelloch (Lomond); 2, J and E Forrester (Doon Major); 3, HP Sleigh and Son (Marian). Four green/bronze top – 1 and 3, J and E Forrester (Kenmore and Triumph); 2, D Ker, Broomton (Melfort). Four turnips/swedes for processing – 1 and reserve, W Stewart (Lomond); 2 and 3, J and E Forrester (Lomond and Kenmore). Biggest neep – 1, HP Sleigh and Son (Marian); 2, J and E Forrester (Doon Major); 3, D Ker (Invitation).

Silage and hay

Grass/clover pit silage – 1 and champion, R Anderson, Corskellie (75.7D Value; 12.1 ME and 36.8% DM; 2, RJ and B Milne, North Bethelnie; 3, WS Stronach, Berryleys. Baled/wrapped grass silage – 1 and reserve, WS Stronach, Berryleys (72.2D Value, 11.6ME and 62.87% DM); 2, McKenzie Craigielands, Wester Craiglands; 3, KH and KM Marshall, Mains of Hilton.