Two Scottish cow units have triumphed in the prestigious All Britain awards, with Robert McNeil's Cairnpat Holsteins and Brian and Michael Yates' Logan herd from Castle Douglas winning championships.

Supreme senior three-year-old was Mr McNeil's Cairnpat Samovar Melody, a red ticket holder from the 2019 and 2021 UK Dairy Day, by Samovar.

Logan Estate Jazz then went on to win the four-year-olds for the Logan family from East Logan. A former SuperHeifer at the 2019 AgriScot, she was intermediate champion at the 2020, UK Dairy Expo; first in her class at last year's UK Dairy Day and supreme at South-west Scotland Dairy Show.

The awards took place following a two-year hiatus and were presented following the Dairy Expo at Carlisle. Judging was based on the quality of the animal that had been exhibited within the show ring at recognised shows during 2021.

Prior to being put forward to the National Judging Panel, entries are shortlisted to the top six from 14 classes, with this year's preliminary judges being David Booth (Feizor), Edward Griffiths (Coachgate) and Richard Thomas (Churchvale).

Commenting on the first round of judging, David Booth said: “Considering the number of shows cancelled due to Covid-19 last year, the nominations for the All Britain awards were still of high quality. All of the shows that participated had some great individuals in the centre of the ring and the ABAB Calf Show, once again, was top quality.”

The final decision is made by the Holstein UK National Judging Panel who individually allocate their placings, with the champion title going to the animal with the most overall votes.

Michael Smale, Holstein UK chairman, commented: “As per previous years, the standard of cattle put forward has been exceptional and I am delighted to see such passion and commitment from our breeders for rearing and turning out such a great display of cattle. It makes me very proud to see animals excelling in both productivity and performance which continues to assist in the strengthening of our breed.”

LEADING awards

Junior heifer – Champion – Wolfa Doorman Celicia 2 from William Horsley, Woodcatt Holsteins; reserve – Absolute Doorman She's a Belter from G Kirby, Absolute Genetics; honourable mention – Jones Crushtime Patricia from Jones Holsteins and Knowlesmere Holsteins.

Intermediate heifer – Champion – Drointon TLC Jordy OK Seisme, from Drointon Holsteins, Grayridge Holsteins and TLC Holsteins; reserve – Berryholme Silvio Flo, from R McNeil, Cairnpat Holsteins; honourable mention – Blydale Chief Lynn from Neil Sloan, Knoweside Holsteins.

Senior heifer – Champion – Panda Treacle, from Jack Wilson, Lightning Holsteins; reserve – Salcrest Crusha Lausine, from Sarah Liddle, Salcrest Holsteins; honourable mention – Valebrook Emilio Grace, from A J Langley and Son, Valebrook Holsteins.

Junior two-year-old in Milk – Champion – Riverdane Undenied Atlee, from Riverdane Holsteins; reserve – Damm Tatoo Sallie, from George and David Simpson, Damm Holsteins; honourable mention – Tregibby Solomon Kitty, from AH Wilson, Tregibby Holsteins.

Intermediate two-year-old in milk – Champion – 5Guys Blexy Black Raptor, from 5Guys Holsteins; reserve – Riverdane Chief Sharon, from Riverdane Holsteins; honourable mention –Petton LB Anna RC from Mark Henry, David Simpson, Rory Timlin

Senior two-year-old in milk – Champion – Evening Sidekick Jennifer, from Evening Holsteins; reserve – Cramar Black Diamond Cutes, from C Innes and Sons, Newmeadow Holsteins.

Junior three-year-old in milk – Champion – Feizor Solomon W Lasenza 2, from WA and A Booth, Feizor Holsteins; reserve – Davlea Unix Treasure, from IM Davies, Davlea Holsteins; honourable mention – Absolute Unix Suzette, from G Kirby, Absolute Genetics.

Senior three-year-old in milk – Champion – Cairnpat Samovar Melody, from R McNeil, Cairnpat Holsteins; reserve – Riverdane Jacoby Ashlyn, from Riverdane Holsteins; honourable mention –

Mostragee Bomber Louise 3, from T Henry and Son, Mostragee Holsteins.

Four-year-old in milk – Champion – Logan Estate Jazz, from Brian Yates and Son, Logan Holsteins; reserve – Davlea Solomon Lulu, from IM Davies, Davlea Holsteins; honourable mention – Davlea Control Donni, from IM Davies, Davlea Holsteins

Five-year-old in milk – Champion – Riverdane Absolute Springsteen, from Riverdane Holsteins; reserve – Feizor Doorman G Dandy, from DW and CE Jones, Wiltor Holsteins; honourable mention – Riverdane Brady Sharon from Riverdane Holsteins.

Mature cow in milk – Champion – Messrs Jones, Sercombe and Kirk, Wiltor Holsteins, Shambles Holsteins and Leedham Holsteins; reserve – Riverdane Ashlyns Gold, from Evening Holsteins; honourable mention – Priestland 5446 Shot J Rose, from McLean Family, Priestland Holsteins.

Red and Whites

Heifer – Champion – Carldanton Integral Dilly, from B and G Donald, Linglane Holsteins; reserve – Stowey Altitude Glory Red, from RK and SG Miller and Sons, Moorshard Holsteins; honourable mention – Slatabogie Unstopabull Chipper Red, from Alan and Leanne Paul, Slatabogie Holsteins.

Heifer in milk – Champion – Panda Pure Gold Red, from Panda Holsteins; reserve – Knowlesmere TT Jordy Dream Red, from Jack Wilson, Lightning Holsteins; honourable mention – Logan Shania Red, from Brian Yates and Son, Logan Holsteins.

Cow in milk – Champion – Wiltor Awesome Rosie Red, from DW and CE Jones, Wiltor Holsteins; reserve – Trigarn Absolute Kaylie Red 3, from Iwan Morgan, Erie Holsteins; honourable mention – Vetech STV Awesome Jodie Red, from Clive and Joel Richardson, Annaghmore Holsteins