The Nutsford family of the Riverdane herd, Cheshire, did the double at Harrison and Hetherington's Borderway UK Dairy Expo at Carlisle, securing the both the supreme champion and reserve inter-breed with their Red and White and Holstein females respectively.

After a year missed exhibitors and spectators gathered in forces for the two day event, with many also attending the All Britains Awards staged on the Saturday night.

In the region of 7000 visitors attended and 350 head of cattle were presented to an all-female line-up of judges and showring stewards. A first for Borderway UK Dairy Expo, the female line up was in a bid to highlight the strength and success of women within the industry, as well as highlight the opportunities available to the next generation. This was backed up by all female ring stewards which was a subtle yet effective nod to champion the important role women play in dairying.

"We really were back with a bang this year having missed out on the event last year - it was a wonderful show and the quality of all breeds was phenomenal," said Harrison and Hetherington’s Senior Pedigree Dairy Auctioneer, Glyn Lucas.

"This year we really pushed the live streaming which we have learnt a lot from, but more than 4000 people were watching from the comfort of their own homes and world wide, which is extremely encouraging for the UK sector. This milestone show has truly placed the UK on a pedestal, and it is fantastic to welcome so many visitors from overseas," he added.

Having never taken the inter-breed with their Red and White herd it was a day to remember for Mark and Sue Nutsford, and their daughter, Jodie, who run a total of 230 cows at home.

"This girl was a stand out animal in my eyes, she shows all the qualities a dairy cow should and is just a really well balanced cow all round. She is more level from hooks to pin and we feel she has a more correct set to her rear leg. We also prefer her strength of pastern and the angularity and openness to her rib structure, especially in the rear rib and flank area. She shows femininity but is still a powerful animal with perfect teat placement. She is an excellent example of the breed and a very worthy champion today where the standard in all breed classes has been phenomenal," said Red and White judge, Terri Packard, all the way from Maryland, USA.

While Mrs Packard selected the winners in the Red and White and Jersey classes, she teamed up with Molly Sloan, Wisconsin, USA who found the champions in the Holstein and Brown Swiss sections; Jane Arrell, Shropshire, who put the British Friesian and Dairy Shorthorn sections through their paces, and Katie Davison, Dumfries and Galloway, had the decision in the Ayrshire classes, to find a supreme overall show winner.

The show star came in the form of the second calver, Riverdane Miss Awesome Strawberry Red having last calved in December she is now giving 50kg being VG87 classified. This home-bred cow is sired by Luck-E Absolute Awesome Red, and out of Riverdane Colt Strawberry, which stood first in the production class here today and is classified EX94.

That wasn't all to smile for for the Nutsford family, when shortly after Strawberry Red was selected supreme, the reserve inter-breed was then tapped out to the Holstein champion the second calver, Riverdane Doorman Elke.

She last calved 100 days ago now giving 50kg and is classified VG88. Backed by the best of genetics she is out of the well-known European show cow, Emeraude EX91, which has stood national Dutch and French champions, whilst being sired by Val-Bisson Doorman.

Andrew and Debbie MacKellar, Lower Farm, Stafford, produced the reserve Red and White champion which was tapped out to the third calver, Drointon Arvis Promis Red, having last calved in May 2021. The team now run 100 cows with this girl being out of the show winning cow, Drointon JJF Promis Red EX95, having previously took reserve champion here in 2020, as well as former champion heifer at AgriScot and nominated All Britain Award winner. The reserve winner is sired by Mr LR EDG Arvis, now giving 45kg and is EX91 classified.

Davlea Sidekick Wattle took home the silver in the Holstein section – which was the largest section of the day – after standing intermediate champion for father and son duo, Ian and Max Davies, Higher Farm, Dowlish, Wake, who run 130 cows. This cow produced her second calf in November and is now giving 45kg, being VG89 classified. This was the first major win here for the family with the dam, Davlea Kaliber Wattle, being unshown and is classified VG87, whilst she is sired by Walutlawn Sidekick.

Waving the flag for Scotland was John Adamson, Swaites Farm, Lanark, who did the double among the Ayrshire, for his first time exhibiting here. Now running 200 Ayrshire cows the champion came in the form of the second calver, Swaites Buttercup 40, which was on her first outing being VG85. Having last calved 50 days ago she is now giving 50kg, being a daughter of 7 Oaks Burdette Alaska and out of Swaites Buttercup 32, which is VG86 classified.

The blue and white ticket was tapped out to the third calver, Swaites Bracken 19, having last calved 60 days ago she is now giving 50kg being EX91 classified. This home-bred girl is sired by West Mosgiel Modern Reality, being out of the unshown cow, Swaites Bracken 14.

Another Scottish breeder, the Lochhead family of the Kedar Brown Swiss herd, Mouswald, Dumfries, produced the champion in the Brown Swiss breed in the form of the third calver, Kedar Shut Up And Dance With Me, having just calved a month ago. She is now giving 33kg and is VG89 classified being a daughter of Voelkers TD Carter and out of the EX91 classified dam, Kedar Spots Shenanigans .

The next generation are already coming through with 11-year-old, Harriet Hassell owning the reserve champion, Holdontoyourhats Jeez Louise. Having produced her first calf in January she is VG88 classified and is sired by LA Rainbow Bfly Dynamite, whilst the dam, Kedar Wonderment Juliet was shown as a calf where she stood junior champion here and among the top places at the All Britan awards, being VG87 herself.

After being placed sixth in her class here as a heifer, Honeygirls Welsh Lily, came back to secure the Jersey champion for Edward Sugden’s 40 cow herd based at Woodhouse, Penrith. This fourth calver last calved in December being VG89 is now giving 38kg. Having also secured the best udder in this section she is a daughter of Glanmor Belmont Welsh Wizard, with the dam, Honeygirls Princess Ruby is EX90.

Skiddaw Megapower Bluebell made her mark for the Raven family of John and Yvonne, and children, Claire and Daniel and niece, Kerry Scott, Priestcroft, Mealsgate, when she bagged the reserve honours. This came in the form of a heifer having last calved in October, which is part of the family’s 160 cow herd split between Jerseys and Black and Whites. This home-bred heifer is the result of the River Valley PF Megapower sire over the dam, Skiddaw Colton Honey, which is VG86.

The second calver, Mossrigg Barrington Iris 8, bagged the tricolours among the Dairy Shorthorn section for Jonathan and Joanne Fisher and daughters, Georgina, Ellie and Abbie, Holmwrangle, Cumbria, who have just a handful of cows. Having just calved last month she is already giving 40kg, being sired by Cotonhall Ambrose and out of the previous Penrith Show champion, Mossrigg Barrington Iris.

Churchroyd Golden Drop had to settle for the silver in this section for Ian Collins, Church Farm, Whitley Lower, West Yorkshire, which produced her first calf in January and is now giving 31kg. She is backed by home-bred genetics being sired by Churchroyd Koala and out of Churchroyd Golden Drop 40 which is VG87 classified.

For the second year running, the public were invited to vote for their favourite heifer to take home the Genus supreme heifer championship, more than 3000 votes were gathered, with the Holstein heifer, Absolute Doorman She’s A Belter taking the majority to be crowned supreme. She took the lead over the other six breeds forward for Absolute Genetics, Preston, Lancashire. This January 2021 born girl is the result of Val-Bisson Doorman over Absolute Uniz Suzette.

Pipped at the post was the Jersey heifer champion, Treasure Andreas Fernleaf from Rory Timlin, Summer Sizzlers, Boylston, Cumnock. This girl is September born being sired by Sunset Canyon Andreas, out of Lightning Ridge Tequila Fernleaf and was bred by K and I Millar.

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LEADING awards


Mature – 1, Alison Lawrie; 2, Natasha Kirby; 3, Heather Bland.

Senior – 1, Mark Bryson; 2, Rosie Dennison; 3, Jeremy Jackson.

Intermediate – 1, Calum Gray; 2, Ameila Stone; 3, Erica Gray.

Junior – 1, Harriet Hassall; 2, Seth Davison; 3, Matthew Hodgson.

Red and White

Heifers – junior calf – 1 and honourable mention, Panda Holsteins’ Panda Tinkerbell Red, by Panda Titanium; 2, W and A Watson’s Muir Top Isla Red, by Koepon Altatop Red.

Senior calf – 1 and reserve champion, DR and HM Horsley’s Woodcatt Jordy Tequila, by Cycle McGucci Jordy Red; 2, B and G Donald’s Glenmuir RT Unstopabull Lulu Lemon, by Riverdown Unstopabull Red; 3, A and D MacKellar’s Stowey Monopoly Danielle Red, by Kenmore Monopoly Red.

Junior heifer – 1 and champion, Panda Holsteins’ Panda Amazon Order In Red, by Kcck Amaretto Red; 2, Luck-E-Holsteins and K and A Lawrie’s Luck-E Altitude America Red, by Farnear Atitude Red; 3, S and M Innes’ Panda True Gem, by Hoven Holsteins Avatar Red.

Senior heifer – C Baty’s Tynevalley Unstopabull Tiara Red, by Riverdown Unstopabull.

Milking two-year-old – 1, S and S Wood’s Manorhaven CMJ Ashlyn, by Cycle McGucci Jordy Red; 2, Panda Holsteins’ Panda Leedham Attractive O’Kalibra Red, by Apple PTS Attraction Red; 3, WJHWT and RY Williams’ Arbennig Jordy Vaakje Red, by Cycle McGucci Jordy Red.

Milking three-year-old – 1 and champion, Riverdane Holsteins’ Riverdane Miss Awesome Strawberry Red, by Luck-e Absolute Awesome Red; 2 and hon mention, H Brown’s Hanview Aladdin Stocking Red, by R DG Aladdin Red; 3, J Wilson’s Knowlesmere TT Jordy Dream Red, by Cycle McGucci Jordy Red.

Senior cow – 1 and reserve, A and D MacKellar’s Drointon Arvis Promis Red, by MR LR EDG Arvis; 2, A and S Lawrie’s Cuthill Towers Addiction Peony; 3, G Weatherup’s Pinupgirl Awesome Sangria Red, by Luck-e Absolute Awesome Red.


Maiden heifer – 1 and champion, Summer Sizzlers’ Treasure Andreas Fernleaf, by Sunset Canyon Andreas; 2 and honourable mention, Blyth Farms’ Blythbridge VIP Reagan, by River Valley Venus VIP; 3, TA and ML Jackson’s Ingleview Casino Blackberry, by Elliotts Regency Casino.

In-calf heifer – 1 and reserve, K Jenkinson’s Katherines Spanner Man Penny, by Thurlstone Spanner Man; 2, Messrs Heuchan’s Clanel Video Daisybelle, by ST LO Video; 3, K Jenkinson’s Katherines Matt Amelia, by Wilsonview If Matt.

Milking two-year-old – 1 and reserve, JA and Y Raven’s Skiddaw Megapower Bluebell, by River Valley PF Megapower; 2, A Bowness’ Threapland Maid Faith, by JX Sunset Canyon Got Maid.

Milking three-year-old – 1, M and D Wilson’s Nethervalley Tequila Tayberry, by Tower Vue Prime Tequila; 2, E Burrow’s Gibraltar Viral Adder, by Bushlea PN Viral.

Senior cow – 1 and champion, Honeygirls Jerseys’ Honeygirls Welsh Lily, by Heartland Merchant Topeka; 2 and honourable mention, Messrs Butterfield and Burton’s Toobees Chrome Alexandra, by Rivervalley Cece Chrome; 3, Flair Jerseys’ Flair Topeka Poppy, by Heartland Merchant Topeka.


Maiden heifer – 1 and reserve, J Adamson and Sons’ Swaites Pansy 29, by Swaites Double 07; 2, GG Baynes and Son’s Marleycote Carrie 7, by Stamford Triple Threat; 3, A Struthers and S Equierdo’s Glenmuir Yellow Cushie, by Pie X Yellow.

In-calf heifer – 1 and champion, A Stuthers and S Equierdo’s Knowe B-King Dainty Lass 2, by De La Plaine B-King; 2 and hon mention, GG Bayne and Son’s Marleycote Georgette 12, by Sanderson Bounty; 3, GG Baynes and Son’s Marleycote Sea Lily 32.

Milking two-year-old – 1, A and S Lawrie’s Cuthill Towers Buster Miranda, by Cuthill Towers Buster; 2, A and S Lawrie’s Cuthill Towers Buster Clover, by Cuthill Towers Buster.

Milking three-year-old – 1 and champion, J Adamson’s Swaites Buttercup 40, by 7 Oaks Burdette Alaska; 2, LH Batty’s Willowfields Famous Clover, by Hunnington Famous; 3, GG Baynes and Son’s Park Head Supreme Softy 2, by Middle Emeralds Supreme.

Milking four-year-old – 1 and reserve, J Adamson’s Swaites Bracken 19, by West Mosgiel Modern Reality.

Senior cow – 1 and honourable mention, A and S Lawrie’s Cuthill Towers Primetime Linzy, by Gwynnog Primetime; 2, FJ and M Mattinson and Sons’ Troutbeck Triclo Robino, by Sandyford Triclo; 3, GG Baynes and Son’s Marleycote Joybell 2, by West Mosgiel Modern Reality.

Dairy Shorthorn

Maiden heifer – 1 and reserve, RD Kite and Son’s Cotonhall Dynamic Tulip, by Cotonhall Dynamic; 2, P Armstrong’s Moorriggs Sparkle 28, by Winbrook Brutus; 3, IRG Collins and partners’ Churchroyd Lady Rose 48, by Churchroyd Pharaoh.

In-calf heifer – 1 and champion, RD Kite and Son’s Cotonhall Dynamic Express, by Cotonhall Dynamic; 2, IRG Collins and Partners’ Churchroyd Nicola 32, by Llandovery Vipor; 3, P Armstrong’s Moorriggs Wildeyes 21, by Winbrook Claridge.

Milking two-year-old – 1 and reserve, IRG Collins and partners’ Churchroyd Golden Drop 41, by Churchroyd Koala; 2, RD Kite and Son’s Cotonhall Joyland Alicia.

Milking three-year-old – 1 and hon mention, S Dixon and G Holliday’s Shaunlea Geri 18, by Marleycote Royal Flush; 2, RD Kite and Son’s Cotonhall Felix Sienna, by Oxton Feelix; 3, RD Kite and Son’s Cotonhall Joyland Alicia.

Milking four-year-old – 1 and champion, JM and J Fisher’s Mossrigg Barrington Iris 8, by Cotonhall Ambrose.

Senior cow – 1, IRG Collins and Partners’ Churchroyd Heather 111.

Brown Swiss

Maiden heifer – 1 and champion, Oakleigh Brown Swiss’ Kedar Daredevil Risky, by Hilltop Acres B Daredevil; 2 and reserve, T Lochhead and Sons’ Kedar Amir Sanchia Fe, by Studers BS Arrow Amir; 3, Toi Toi Genetics’ Toi Toi My Mums A Hoover, by Cozy Nook Daredevil Toby.

In-calf heifer – 1 and honourable mention, T Lochhead and Sons’ Kedar Blooming Symphony, by Scherma Glenn Blooming; 2, T Lochhead and Sons’ Kedar Carter Rhapsadaisy.

Milking two and three-year-old ¬– 1 and reserve, H Hassall’s Holdontoyourhats Jeez Louise, by LA Rainbow Blfy Dynamite; 2, T Lochhead and Sons’ Kedar Wonderment Rhappuccino; 3, T Lochhead and Sons’ Kedar Faust Espirit.

Junior cow – 1 and champion, T Lochhead and Sons’ Kedar Shut Up And Dance With Me, by Voelkers TD Carter; 2 and hon mention, T Lochhead and Sons’ Kedar Star Dust, by Scherma Blooming Biver.

Senior cow – 1, T Lochhead and Sons’ Kedar Vigor Heike, by Sun Made Vigor.


Junior calf – 1 and hon mention, Panda Holsteins’ Panda Tinkerbell Red, by Panda Titanium; 2, Wormanby Farms’ Wormanby Tatoo Gloriette, by Wormanby Tatoo Gloriette; 3, W and S Airey’s Drointon Crispy Jordy Seisme Red.

Intermediate calf – 1, Larchwood Holsteins’ Larchwood Denver Blackrose, by Brenland Denver; 2, Firstlook Genetics’ Firstlook Mirand Strawberry Red, by Coomboona Zipit Mirand; 3, Hullcrest Holsteins’ Crossfell Thunderstorm Noel.

Senior calf – 1 and reserve, M Armstrong’s Wolfa Chief Sue, by Stantons Chief; 2, Firstlook Genetics’ Firstlook Haniko Abrianna, by Siemers Lambda Haniko; 3, Hullcrest Holsteins’ Auchensala Snapchat, by Walnutlawn Sidekick.

Junior yearling – 1 and champion, Absolute Genetics’ Absolute Doorman She’s A Belter, by Val-Bisson Doorman; 2, Crossfell Holsteins’ Crossfell Crushabull Magic, by Oh-River-SYC Crushabull; 3, S and M Innes’ Feizor Doc W Lasenza, by Woodcrest King Doc.

Intermediate yearling – 1, K and A Lawrie’s Arranview Unix Marie, by Croteau Lesperron Unix.

Senior yearling – 1, Toi Toi Genetics’ Toi Toi Unix La Bella, by Croteau Lesperron Unix; 2, M and D Wilson’s Richaven Silver Squaw, by Seagull-Bay Silver; 3, Messrs Heuchan and Airey’s Wormanby Ewemoo Crushtime Camomile, by Col DG Crushtime.

Milking yearling – 1 and reserve intermediate, Blyth Farms’ Grayridge Fitz Georgette, by Toc-Farm Fitz; 2, Crossfell Holsteins’ Crossfell Discjockey Baya, by Claynook Discjockey; 3, IM Davies’ Davlea Crushabull Raven by Oh-River-Syc Crushabull.

Milking junior two-year-old – 1, Larchwood Holsteins’ Larchwood Pepper Mahala, by Delaberge Pepper; 2, Firstlook Genetics’ Firstlook Chief Lynn, by Stantons Chief; 3, B Weatherup’s Parkend Secret Tamara, by All Nure Secretariat.

Milking senior two-year-old – 1, B Yates and Son’s Eastford Integral Kiwi, by Blondin Integral; 2, RA Brown’s Richaven Unix Rebecca 2, by Croteau Lesperron Unix.

Milking junior three-year-old – 1 intermediate champion and overall reserve, IM Davies’ Davlea Sidekick Wattle, by Walutlawn Sidekick; 2, Blyth Farms’ Blythbridge Doorman Jackie, by Val-Bisson Doorman; 3, Blyth Farms’ Blythbridge Fitz Georgina, by Toc-Farm Fitz.

Milking senior three-year-old – 1 and intermediate hon mention, Riverdane Holsteins’ Riverdane Chief Lila Z, by Stantons Chief; 2, R Scott’s Nethervalley Kingpin Sara, by Kerndtway Kingpin; 3, I and M Davies’ Davlea Abbot Ashlyn, by Willsbro Abbott.

Milking four-year-old – 1 and champion Riverdane Holsteins’ Riverdane Doorman Elke, by Val-Bisson Doorman; 2, A and D MacKellar’s Drointon Flashy Babydoll, by Syke Jumping Jack Flash; 3, Riverdane and Demire Holsteins’ Denmire Archimedes, by Stantons Archimedes.

Milking five-year-old – 1, RA Brown’s Richaven MVP Gloria, by Seagull Bay MVP; 2, R Scott’s Evening Fitz Bourdeaux, by Toc-Farm Fitz; 3, Wormanby Farms’ Wormanby Octane Arnhilda, by Stantons High Octane.

Mature cow – 1 and hon mention, Riverdane Holsteins’ Riverdane Brady Sharon, by Butz-Butler Atwood Brady; 2, C Wilson and L Lancaster and Evening Holsteins’ Whinchat Stanleycup Farrah, by Gillette Stanleycup; 3, Wormanby Farms’ Stobeck At Flo, by Maple-Downs IGW Atwood.