INVERNESS egg farmer Robert Craigie came up with a novel way to propose to his girlfriend Lucy Barclay last weekend. With the connivance of Lucy's dad, Seafield Park Transport owner, Steven Barclay, general manager Lucy was called out into the yard to inspect a newly acquired lorry, only to find a bit of its fresh livery peeling at the edges.

“Dad asked me down to the yard to get pictures with the new livery, so I dressed up for the pictures," recalled Lucy. "As the lorry drove into the yard, I was filming it and noticed that there was a sticker on the grill that had started to peel and I panicked because the photographer was there and that the lorry wasn't perfect so I stopped the video, dived at the lorry to stick the sticker back down."

But the sticker wasn't made to re-attach, as underneath was the marriage proposal from Robert: “Everyone said it was so funny because I would be the only person to have ever noticed it,” added Lucy.

Lucy and Robert, who originally met at the Black Isle Show, live in Cawdor, and haven’t yet set a date for the wedding.