Black soldier fly has been found to be an efficient source of protein for animal feed of the future according to WEDA Dammann and Westerkamp GmbH who supplies the complete insect feeding system for the Polish feed producer, HiProMine.

The company from Robakowo near Poznan breeds insect-based proteins on an industrial scale using the black soldier fly. With WEDA’s new plant, 550 tonnes of substrate are produced and fed there every day. The technology creates a food chain in which the insect forms a bridge between plant waste and sustainable animal feed.

Feeding the growing world population

The use of the soldier fly as a feed insect can thus make an important contribution in the future to feeding the growing world population in a resource-saving way. Compared to other feed alternatives, insects are the only source of protein for which the raw material can be utilised 100%. Moreover, no waste is produced during the manufacture of animal proteins.

Proven technologies of WEDA

“In addition, the end products are free of antibiotics and genetically modified organisms,” argues WEDA product manager, Jens Feldhaus in favour of expanding the breeding method. In the insect feeding systems of HiProMine, the proven technologies of WEDA Dammann and Westerkamp are used for this purpose.

Inexpensive, nutrient-rich and ecological protein source

Insect-based feeds are currently already approved for domestic animals, poultry, pigs and aqua- culture. If the technology becomes established worldwide, insects have the potential to become an inexpensive, nutrient-rich and ecological protein source for all animal feed.