Newton Stewart

Some 445 prime hoggs forward at Craig Wilson Marts’ sale levelled at 255.4p having peaked at £143 for a Texel from B Corcoran, Viewfield or 295.3p for a pen of Beltex from F Allison, Glenstables.

The 197 Blackface hoggs cashed in at 260.7p and sold to £124 from J McMillan, Glenchamber and to 286.6p for pens from J Drennan, Balgracie.

Cast sheep were led by two tups at £222, firstly for a Lleyn from JR McKay and Son, Broughton Mains and then a Texel from Balgracie. Broughton Mains topped the ewes with a Beltex at £194.


Hoggs reached highs of £140 at Harrison and Hetherington for Beltex from Yetlington Lane

Cast sheep peaked at £180 on two occasions, firstly for three Suffolk ewes from Louise Taylor and J and M Dickson and Son, Springhill Farm, and for a Beltex ram from RJD Watkin, East Newburn.


C and D Auction Marts’ prime cattle sale peaked at 256p for an Aberdeen-Angus cross heifer from Low Three Mark.

OTM's averaged 180p and topped at £1424.80 Auld Mills or 230p for a Saler from Barnbackle.

The 581 hoggs cashed in at 280p having sold to £143 for Texels from Barr Farm and to 293p for more of the same from Barnbarroch.

Cast sheep attained £199 for crosses from Brandleys, wile tups sold to £180 for Texels from Barnbarroch.


Heifers reached a top price of 294p and £1828.68 at Lawrie and Symington for a 622kg British Blue from Kinclaven, to average 270p.

A pen of four 46kg Beltex topped the hoggs at £144 or 313p from Knockhill House, to level at 250p, while Suffolks from Corner Cott led the cast ewes at £182.

Tups made £194 for Texels from Mill Cott.


A small show of 1236 hoggs averaged 252.4p at Untied Auctions, having peaked at 293p for 43kg Beltex crosses from Cairncoullie, Glenkindie or £140 for 58kg Continental crosses and for a 66kg Texel both from Cairncoullie, Glenkindie.

Ewes soared to £242 for a Texel from Messrs Brown, Hilton of Culsh, who also led the tups at £210.

Three Blackface hoggs from DJ Connon, Broadmyre, Clatt were donated from the sale to aid the disaster and emergency fund for Ukraine, which sold for £119.

Stirling (Cale)

Caledonian Marts sold heifers to 312p for a Limousin from W and R Thomson, Cairnbog or to £1806 for a British Blue from J Caldwell, Moorfield.

Bullocks achieved 275p for a Limousin from A Kennedy, Seggarsdean and £1813 for a Simmental from J and J Brown, Loanrigg.

OTM’s averaged 184p with tops of 212p for a Limousin from G McLaren, Blaircessnock or £1780 for a Limousin from A and M Gray, Craighead, while calves and stirks achieved £300 for a Fleckvieh bullock from Tarbert Farm.

The firm also sold spring lambs to £151 or 315p for Suffolks from J Wilson, Balhelvie.

Prime hoggs averaged 266p with DC MacVicar, Middle Ballat leading the way at 332p for a pair of Beltex or to £155 for more of the same from J McAlister, West Thomaston and A McLaren, Nether Strathkinness.

Cast ewes sold to £250 on two occasions from E Robertson, Skeoch.


All classes of prime sheep sold well at Darlington Farmers Auction Marts, with 43kg Beltex hoggs from PJ and MP Gilhespy, Ponteland reaching 325p and to £180 for 86kg Texels from WM Reed and Sons, Weardale.

The 254 cast ewes hit £280 for a pair of Texels from Ian Kirk, Nottinghamshire.

Stirling (UA)

Charollais led United Auctions spring lamb trade at £152 from Langside and 333p from Whitehouse, to average 300.15p.

Beltex topped the hogg trade at £174 from Luckenburn and 395p from Easter Ochtermuthill, to cash in at 261.38p.

The 769 cast ewes hit £298 twice for Texels from Pitlochie, with tups achieving £218 for more of the same from Greenford.


Trade was buoyant at Aberdeen and Northern Marts’ sale, with bullocks levelling at 244.5p and making 265p for a 600kg British Blue cross from Mains of Dumbreck, Udny or £1648.20 for a 670kg Limousin cross from Hillside Farm, Dufftown.

Heifers averaged 246.7p and attained 267p for a 630kg Limousin cross from Corskellie, Milton of Rothiemay or £1698.80 for a 685kg Limousin cross from Chapelford, Buckie.

The nine young bulls balanced out at 226.2p and reached 247p for a 790kg Charolais from Inverlochy Farm, Tomintoul and £2009.70 for a 870kg Limousin from Upper Forgie, Keith.

In the cast ring, bulls levelled at £1651.56 with a top of £2650 for a 1290kg Charolais from Auchorachan, Glenlivet, whilst beef finished cows cashed in at £1639.65 with trade reaching £2230 for a 996kg Simmental cross from Milton of Noth, Rhynie.

Feeding cows sold to £1510 on three occasions, firstly for a 738kg Charolais cross from Bogentassie, Lumphanan, then for a 786kg Charolais cross from Mains of Cairnborrow, Glass and finally for a 808kg Simmental cross from Candyglirach, Drumoak, to level at £1212.14.

Beltex led all sections of the firm’s prime hogg sale, which topped at 363.2p from Muirton, Corse and £157 from Broadwater, Skene, to average 258.6p.

Feeding sheep levelled at £112.77 having sold to £270 for pure Texels from Home Farm of Auchry, Cuminestown.


The 3846 prime hoggs forward at C and D Auction Marts averaged 260.2p, with Beltex topping the sale at 359p from I and A Hamilton, Claywalls, Capheaton or £172 for Beltex from BS Hennessy, Orton Rigg, Great Orton.

Cast ewes sold to £258 for Texels from A and HC Smith, Crumhaughhill, with rams peaking at £238 for Suffolks from Upperlands.

St Boswells

Harrison and Hetherington sold bullocks and heifers to average 258p and 251p, respectively.

Penston and Faughhill led the bullocks at £1830.08 and 272p, while heifers sold to £1764.16 and 296p from Bee Edge.

Cast cows reached £2205.06 from Headshaw or to 271p from Greenknowe, to balance out at 227.6p.

Suffolks from Middlethird led the hoggs at £145 or 333.3p for Beltex from Faughhill, to level at 253p.

Cast sheep peaked at £205 for a pair of Texel tups from S and J Fisher, Lower Swinnie Farm, with ewes to £199 for a Charollais from Elmbank.


Limousins led most sections of Lawrie and Symington’s prime cattle sale, with heifers attaining 304p and £1875 from Messrs Dickinson, Brockwoodlees.

British Blue bullocks sold to 302p from Messrs Wainright, Todhall or to £1830 from Messrs Lockhart Faulding Cleugh farm, Lockerbie.

Beef cattle achieved £1835 for Limousins from Huntlyhill Farm, Lanark or to 211p from Howburn Farm, Biggar.

The 2819 hoggs topped at £162 for Texels from Laird Yeldabrek and to 378p for Beltex from the same home, to cash in at 263p.

Cast ewes set a new centre record and countywide cast ewe record of £320 for a Texel from Messers Cullen, Craighead, while Auchenhard led the rams with Texels at £204.


Some 64 prime bulls forward at Harrison and Hetherington topped at £2131.23 for a 815kg Limousin cross bfrom Messrs Bunting, Midtown Farm, Dumfries or 285.5p for a 707kg Limousin from Allerby Hall, Wigton.

Limousins led the prime cattle with steers achieving £2067 from Petteril Hill Farm and 280.5p from Bothel Parks, whilst heifers made £1999 from Terrys Farm and 293.5p from Petteril Hill Farm.

Suffolks from Gill Farm, Wigton led the spring lamb sale at £148 and 352.4p, while hoggs sold to £198 or 404p for 49kg Texels from John Fell, Stanger Hill.

Cast rams reached £206 for a Leicester from Messrs Fisher, Reaygarth, while ewes achieved £192 on two occasions, firstly for a Texel from Messrs Mounsey, Ashfield and secondly for a Beltex cross from Messrs Dickinson, High House.


Craig Wilson Marts sold 1625 hoggs to balance out at 263.7p with an SQQ of 277p. Top price of the day was £140 paid on two occasions, firstly for a pen of Beltex off J Cousar, Howcommon followed by Beltex from CA Smith, North Boig with the same pen topping the per kg section at 333.3p.

The 304 cast sheep levelled at £124.99 with three Texels from D Welsh, West Broadmoss peaking at £290, while Beltex from Mr Woods, Woodhill topped the tups at £182.

The firm also sold heifers to 303p and £1911.35 for a black Limousin from the Young Family, North Waterland, to balance out at 278.4p.

Bullocks topped at 270p for a Charolais from Messrs Young, Brownsfield, to average 258p.

Kirkby Stephen

Prices reach record heights Harrison and Hetherington’s prime sale, where the 3130 hoggs topped at £189 for a pen of 12 44kg Beltex crosses from Messrs Mason, East Farm, Malton or to 442.9p for a pen of 42kg Blue Texel crosses from Messrs Fell, Stanger Hill, Wigton, to level at 294.29p.

The 490 Blackface hoggs achieved £128 and 291.7p for a pen of 52kg entries from Messrs Fisher, Smalmstown Farm, Longton.

Cast sheep peaked at £212 for a pen of 18 Beltex cross ewes from Messrs Slater, Whitley Hey Farm, Macclesfield, with Texel and Bluefaced Leicesters leading the rams at £207 both from Elliott Bros, Harbour Flatts, Murton.

Castle Douglas

Wallets Marts had forward 722 hoggs to balance out at 269.07p with trade peaking at £144.50 for a Texel from Dr Locke, Park of Tongland or 303.8 for Beltex from Messrs McKeown, Cairnbowie.

Cast sheep reached £187 for Texels from Messrs Dale-Sunley, The Ross, with rams to £211 for a Bluefaced Leicester from Messrs Ramsay, Ardoch.