A reminder that funding for SAYFC members is still available from the Willie Davidson Fund, with the next deadline fast approaching.

The Willie Davidson 75th Anniversary fund was set-up to commemorate 75 years of SAYFC, and remember the associations late vice-president, Willie Davidson.

It is to support members through the development of their clubs and districts. In recent years, the fund has supported the North and East region by providing Zoom accounts with the aim of encouraging clubs and regions to carry on with their meetings albeit not in person.

Another area that WD75F has strongly supported has been a contribution to the association's Mental Health First Aid Course. Mental health is something that the organisation has taken on board and its 'Are Ewe Okay' campaign has worked extremely hard at raising awareness of the problem

A recent restructuring of SAYFC now includes farm safety mentors from across the country and the trustees of the fund hope they can work with these mentors and provide funding towards suitable courses, training and equipment.

The deadline for applications is April 30 and October 31, each year, details of which can be found on the SAYFC website.

Any individual member of SAYFC, club or region can apply for this funding to help boost their club some examples include: first aid training, health and safety training or equipment, club banners or flags, sports equipment.

The process of applying:

1. Apply through the SAYFC website, providing quotes of what the club is applying for.

2. The trustees will meet and approve or reject the application. The applicant will then be informed of the decision. From then the club/ region/ individual has one year to complete the application.

3. Once the application has been completed the applicant will send evidence eg receipt, photos etc to the Willie Davidson email address.

4. A cheque will be posted to help with the funding.

Objectives behind the fund:

Applications should meet one or more of the following objectives:

1. To advance the education and training of young people within the Scottish Association of Young Farmers Clubs in agriculture, country life, home craft, citizenship skills and related subjects.

2. To provide assistance to help promote and develop farm safety initiatives through increased awareness.

3. To provide and promote the provision of facilities and activities for recreation and other leisure time occupations, which will advance their personal development as responsible individuals and active citizens.

4. To provide assistance to prospective new clubs being formed, and the continuous encouragement and development of existing clubs.