THIS YEAR more than ever, it will be important to know how much grain the UK will be growing.

That is why the AHDB is keen for growers to fill in its latest Planting and Variety Survey, which annually provides the earliest estimate of the planted area for the UK harvest.

While the Planting Survey will estimate the area devoted to the harvest, the Variety Survey will assess the varietal composition of wheat, barley, oats and oilseed rape crops.

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Theis information can be used to shape the domestic market and trade and assist levy payers in their marketing decisions. It will detail regional differences of cropping across the UK, which will help inform crop development and focus the genetic development for future seasons.

AHDB cereals and oilseeds sector council member and Scottish farmer, David Bell, said: “Every year, I take the time to complete the Planting and Variety Survey managed by AHDB. This is a vital barometer for the whole supply chain looking ahead to the harvest.

“Although it may seem that it’s not going to massively impact you or your farm decisions, knowing the future supply of grain in the UK is hugely important in giving our overseas customers and buyers of our grain knowledge of the UK situation. Not only are we talking about raw grains, but also the crop outlooks for spring barley for instance, so that international malt buyers are aware of how the UK crop is shaping up.

“Although a cliché, this year is more vital than ever. A volatile economic climate, input costs growing all the time and the conflict in Ukraine means your help and input will make a real difference.”

Growers should provide the area harvested in 2021 and their intended harvest area for 2022, together with the variety, for each crop listed at

The results of the survey will be available online at in July, and more detailed analysis will be available in the AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds market pages.