The Danish pig herd has contracted by over 5% to 12.5million head, according to Statistics Denmark.

As of April 1, all categories of pigs fell year on year with sows dropping 6.3% and maiden gilts by 6.6%. The sharpest fall was for slaughter pigs over 50kg which dropped nearly 7% to just under 3m head.

Similar to British farmers' experience, the price for finished pigs in Denmark has been low for months, although it has rallied sharply recently. Now, with very high prices for inputs, profitability has been challenged since the summer of 2021. The EU is still catching up with the challenges of coronavirus, African Swine Fever in Germany and a decline in Chinese import demand.

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But although it is being tested, there is still thought to be underlying strength in Danish pig meat production, with reports suggesting that only limited reductions overall could be expected. According to AHDB, pig production in Denmark is still popular, with many willing new entrants eager to take over from those leaving.

However, the number of pigs available for either slaughter or export in the short to medium term can be expected to fall.