MARTIN CLUNES has been appointed as President of the World Clydesdale Show 2022.

As well as being a famed actor, presenter and writer, Mr Clunes is an 'incredibly keen' heavy horse enthusiast, himself owning two Clydesdale horses, Ronnie and Bruce.

He will be bringing them to the four-day long World Clydesdale Show in Aberdeen between October 20 and 23 this year, along with over 300 Clydesdales from all over the world and an estimated 21,000 spectators, for the first of these shows to be held in Europe, let alone the UK.

Mr Clunes, who was appointed as President of The British Horse Society back in 2011, commented: "Like a lot of people I get a gut punch when I see Clydesdale horses so to be present at a world show with horses from all over the world is just too exciting. I am also very happy to show my boys off and I'm crossing my fingers that they behave themselves."

The Show's chief executive and director, Ailsa Clark, said of Mr Clunes' appointment: ‘"His love of horses and dedication to the Clydesdale breed is tremendous and to be able to welcome the President of the British Horse Society as our president is a great honour."