The Irish Government has set up a €55m scheme to reward farmers for growing winter fodder – claimants will receive €1000 for growing 10ha of silage or hay.

The support payments come as part of a €90m war chest of new Government funds to support pig, horticulture, arable and livestock farmers during the cost crisis.

Scottish farmers are also struggling with the rising cost of producing silage and fodder to feed livestock this winter. Worryingly, farm gate prices have not risen at the same pace as input costs, which is causing cash flow concerns for many cattle and sheep farmers.

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When The Scottish Farmer asked the Scottish Government if they planned any additional support payments for the livestock sector, a Scottish Government spokesperson said: “We continue to work closely with the sector and remain committed to supporting farmers and crofters and will do so through the Payment Strategy 2022.

“In addition we have announced the 'Preparing for Sustainable Farming' element of our national test programme which will support farmers to manage the efficiency of their business through carbon auditing whilst also managing nutrients, a major cost to farms, via support for soil testing and nutrient management planning.

“Cattle businesses will also receive reports to help identify areas for efficiency savings through the ‘YourHerdStats’ online tool from Scottish EID Livestock Traceability Research. The national test programme is supported by £51m of additional funding over the next three years.”