AFTER A LONG SPELL of low supply, a 'large and diverse' range of farmland is coming to the market.

According to land agents Savills, whilst the advertised supply of Scottish farmland was down 23% on 2021 at the end of the first quarter of the year, buyers who have been waiting are beginning to see new acres appearing on the market.

Head of rural agency, Evelyn Channing, said: “By the mid-point of the year Savills is due to launch more than 7000 acres across a wide geographical region, and at various size and price points.

“We are seeing an exceptionally broad range of buyers in the market, including life-style, traditional farmers and environmental purchasers, all competing for a finite number of properties which continue to represent comparative value for money. Buyers are noting interest from all over the UK and beyond. Therefore despite wider economic uncertainty we anticipate price growth to be protected.

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“Our current offering is diverse and will appeal to the full spectrum of buyers: it includes a whole island in the Shetland Isles, land and iron age fort just outside Edinburgh’s city limits, bare land in Aberdeenshire and charming life-style farms in the south and west of Scotland," said Ms Channing.

“There is much more to come, including a first class dairy farm in south Ayrshire and an, extensive agricultural holding with an established grain processing facility in Aberdeenshire. It is very encouraging to see such vitality in the Scottish market.”