Borders-based Lewis Ralston, came up trumps to win the inter-breed young handlers competition with his own home-bred Salers heifer.

Master Ralston (14) who was parading the yearling heifer, Jedforest Roxy, by Cuil Marrin, was described as 'outstanding,' by the overall judges, Sarah-Jane Jessop and Dougie McBeath, Stirling.

"He was just outstanding," said Ms Jessop. "He was very calm the whole way through and didn't falter on any of the questions we asked," she said, adding that all the young handlers were really good.

The competition which featured the overall champion young handler winners from the sheep, beef, dairy, goat, Clydesdale, and Shetland pony, sections, saw the reserve presented to 19-year-old Craig Hanna, all the way from Northern Ireland, showing a Clydesdale horse.