Lucy McGillivray has joined NFU Scotland to lead on issues around labour, employment, education, training and skills.

Prior to joining the union, Lucy studied Law and Management at Robert Gordon University, andr emains actively involved on the family farm at Glenlivet taking responsibility for livestock recording, passport applications, movement reporting and scheme applications. She has her own recently established Charolais herd and is currently assistant secretary of Keith Young Farmers Club.

She said: “I am delighted to be joining NFU Scotland, as I’ve always had a passion for agriculture and so I’m excited to make a positive contribution to the union.

“My remit includes education and skills, and I am looking forward to getting more people engaged with agriculture, whether it be land-based learning or full-time education. Closely linked to this are labour and employment issues, an area of growing importance and one that I am keen to make progress on.”

Union head of policy Gemma Cooper said: “I am really pleased to add Lucy to our talented team of policy specialists at NFUS. Lucy’s role will focus on all aspects of policy relating to education and skills, labour and employment. These are key policy issues that are directly impacting on NFUS members’ businesses.

"Lucy will hit the ground running as we are operating in a very challenging policy landscape, and I know that Lucy will make use of her farming know how and excellent degree to make a difference for NFUS members.”