John Walker at Halls of Aird, Airth near Falkirk, has already cut 25 acres of winter barley with his Claas Dominator 98 combine with a 15 foot header.

The winter barley was coming out the combine spout at 13% moisture but Mr Walker still ran it over the drier to blow cold air through the grains to cool them down. "The barley was warm to the touch coming off the combine so we needed to get the temperature down."

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Mr Walker explained. "Once we cooled it down in the dryer, we weighed the crop over a weighbridge and worked out we yielded 4.2t/acre,which I am pleased about. The crop of straw is really good too. We make small square bales for the equestrian market and the field produced 140 small bales per acre. Next up is 35 acres of spring barley but it is a bit off being ready."