A new 80MW photovoltaic project in China has been described as an ‘exemplar’ large-scale installation that the UK can adopt as a blueprint for its own large-scale projects go.

The project in Gansu Province uses 356 sets of GW225K-HT inverters from manufacturer Goodwe, delivering an annual average power generation of 186.84 million kWh, while reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 142,800 tonnes.

GoodWe’s 225kW string inverter features an IP66 water and dust protection with IP68 external cooling fans, and can be operated under a wide temperature range between - 40 degrees to 60 degrees C.

Dunhuang city boasts long hours of strong sunshine throughout the year making it an ideal site for a large-scale solar PV installation. In recent years, China has actively pushed its decarbonisation agenda to become a carbon-neutral economy by 2060. According to Wood Mackenzie, the energy consultancy, the global solar powerhouse is set to add another 619 GW of solar energy by 2030.

Strategic marketing manager for GoodWe UK, Eugene Lucarelli, commented: “The Gansu Province project is an excellent example of GoodWe’s capabilities in being able to assist the roll-out of a major solar PV installation with proven technology.

“As the UK continues its roll-out of large-scale PV projects that are either in tender or close to going to tender, projects like this can act as a blueprint for designing PV installations that can help the UK deliver its Net Zero commitments. GoodWe’s continued investment in ground-mounted power plants and large-scale energy bases, is being recognised by more and more customers and can certainly play a key role in developing global solar markets and helping more cities and areas take advantage of renewable clean energy.”