Finishing his summer show season in style, Ian Nimmo lifted the champion of champions trophy at a sunny Strathaven Show, with his 16-month-old Limousin heifer, Maraiscote Tangerine.

This young heifer is an expert in the show ring, having stood reserve breed champion at the Royal Highland, champion at the Great Yorkshire and inter-breed at Biggar. Sired by the Irish-bred bull Sliabh Felim Mourinho, she was again picked out as best in show, by overall judge Robert Millar, Newlands, Uddingston.

The Scottish Farmer: Champion Clydesdale, Doura Sorrento from W and J Dunbar, East Fairybank (Photograph: Amanda Stewart)Champion Clydesdale, Doura Sorrento from W and J Dunbar, East Fairybank (Photograph: Amanda Stewart)

In the beef inter-breed, Tangerine had finished in front of the commercial champion, a 16-month-old British Blue cross heifer named Gypsy Queen, from the Hamiltons at Mid Shawtonhill. Shown by Bob and Craig Ferguson, she’s another with a string of champion tickets to her name, having won at Neilston, East Kilbride and Chapelton.

The cattle team of three competition, judged by Andrew McNee, Woodend, Armadale, went to the commercial trio from the Hamiltons at Mid Shawtonhill, with the Neilsons’ Holstein group taking reserve.

Judging the beef, dairy and sheep inter-breed contests was Alan Clark, North Garngour, Lesmahagow. In the dairy section, he selected the Holstein winner as best overall, the third calver Overside Hartley Delia, recently classified Ex91, from Hugh and Andrew Neilson, East Brackenridge, Strathaven. Standing reserve, was the best in the Ayrshires, Harperfield Cora Linn 5, a VG87 second calver from the Lindsay family’s herd at Sandilands.

The Scottish Farmer: Jim and Daniel Hodge won the supreme sheep with their Blue Texel (Photograph Amanda Stewart)Jim and Daniel Hodge won the supreme sheep with their Blue Texel (Photograph Amanda Stewart)

Sheep supreme was a Blue Texel gimmer from father and son, Jim and Daniel Hodge, Dykes, Auchinleck. That was Hodges Gold Dust, a Pistyll Empire daughter, which was previously overall sheep champion at Catrine Show.

Reserve in the sheep went to the best from a strong show of Blackfaces, a one-crop ewe from the Rorisons at Clonrae, Thornhill, which was champion at Dumfries and Abington last month. She is sired by a son of £150,000 Auldhouseburn.

Best inter-breed sheep pair was a Blue Texel duo from Jim and Daniel Hodge, while Willie Baird’s Texel pair stood reserve.

The Scottish Farmer: Maraiscote Tangerine, the beef and overall champion of champions from Ian Nimmo (Photograph: Amanda Stewart)Maraiscote Tangerine, the beef and overall champion of champions from Ian Nimmo (Photograph: Amanda Stewart)

Leading Awards:

Ayrshire (Judge: E Lawrie). Champion – DM Lindsay, Harperfield, Sandilands, with Harperfield Cora Linn 5, a second calver by Harperfield Spirit of Scotia. She stood second at the Great Yorkshire. Reserve – DM Lindsay, with the fifth calver, Harperfield Queen Elizabeth 2, by Harperfield Sands of Time. She was reserve at the Great Yorkshire two years ago. Heifer in milk, cow in milk, production, pair, bred – DM Lindsay.

Dairy calf (Judge: E Lawrie). Champion – Alison Hamilton, West Brackenridge. Reserve – WP Currie, Blackbog. Calf born after January 1, 2022 – WP Currie, Blackbog. Calf born between July and September, 2021 – Alison Hamilton, West Brackenridge.

Dairy young handlers (Judge: Ewan Lawrie). 13-16 years – WP Currie, Blackbog; 2, Alison Hamilton, West Brackenridge. 17-25 years – WP Currie, Blackbog.

Holstein (Judge: Ewan Lawrie). Champion – WW Neilson, East Brackenridge, Strathaven, with Overside Hartley Delia, a third calver on her first show outing. She is currently giving 55 litres, having calved in March. Reserve – WW Neilson’s Knowlesmere Chief Diamond, a VG87 second calver bought as a calf and shared with David Gray. Back calving heifer – M Young, Over Dalserf. Heifer in milk – JD Baillie, Over Dalserf. Cow in milk, production, pair, bred – WW Neilson.

Beef young handlers (Judge: David Hamilton). 1, Lucy Clark, West Shawtonhill; 2, Ramsay Stevenson, Carbello; 3, L McAnespie.

Beef cattle (Judge: D Hamilton). Champion – R and J Hamilton, Mid Shawtonhill, with Gypsy Queen, a British Blue cross heifer by Springfield Mason, out of a pure Limousin cow. She was first at LiveScot, champion at Neilston, East Kilbride and Chapelton and reserve at Muirkirk. Reserve – R and J Hamilton’s February-born pure Limousin heifer ET calf, Midshawtonhill Uptown Funk, by Elite Lacette, out of Gunnerfleet Noliny. She was champion calf at Chapelton. Spring born calf, heifer – R and J Hamilton. Autumn-born calf – T Laird, Carbello. Bullock – Lucy Clark, Mid Shawtonhill.

Beef cow or heifer with calf at foot (Judge: David Hamilton). Champion J Warnock, High Bent, with a British Blue cross Limousin cow and her heifer calf at foot, sired by the Limousin stock bull, a son of Ampertaine Gigolo. Reserve – J Warnock’s Limousin cross British Blue cow, with her Limousin cross heifer calf at foot. Cow or heifer with autumn-born calf, cow or heifer with spring-born calf – J Warnock.

Native beef cattle (Judge: A McNee). Champion – Katie McIntyre, Flatterton, Greenock, with Coxhill Matchless R693, a two-year-old in-calf heifer by Glenisla Masterton. She was champion at Dalry, Kilbarchan and Fenwick. Reserve – G Dunbar, Drumboy, with a four-month-old Hereford bull calf by Hogtonview Mr Magestic, out of an imported dam, one of 12 Herefords in the Drumboy herd. Bull – J Campbell, Kypehill. Cow, calf – G Dunbar. Heifer – Katie McIntyre.

Limousin (Judge: Andrew McNee). Champion – I Nimmo, Bogside, Newmains, with Maraiscote Tangerine, a 16-month-old heifer that won at the Great Yorkshire and Biggar. She is by a bull which Mr Nimmo bought for €11,000 at Roscrea, out of Maraiscote Orange. Reserve – J Hamilton, Mid Shawtonhill, with Midshawtonhill Uptown Girl, a heifer ET calf by Lodge Hamlet, out of Gunnerfleet Noliny. Heifer – I Nimmo. Calf – R and J Hamilton.

Simmental (Judge: R Mcalister). Champion – JE Dyet, East Merkland, Strathaven, with Annick Nazareth, an 18-month-old bull by Kilbride Farm Karl, bought at the Annick dispersal. He was champion at Ayr and Neilston and reserve junior male at the Scottish National show at Dumfries. Reserve – D Craig, Kennox, with Kennox Nero, a home-bred bull by Auchorachan Hercules, planned for sale in the near future. He won at Fenwick and stood second at the National show. His gran is a past Highland Show champion. Bull, cow, heifer – JE Dyet. Calf – D Craig.

Any other continental (Judge: R McAlister). Champion – A and CS Comrie, Stonebyres, Lanark, with Stonebyres Samson, a 15-month-old bull by Stonebyres Ninja, out of Stonebyres Gem. He is planned for sale early next year. Bull – A and CS Comrie.

Clydesdale (Judge: Kevin Wilson). Champion – W and J Dunbar, East Fairybank, with Doura Sorrento, a two-year-old, winning her fifth championship, by Doura Magic Touch, out of Collessie Flash Girl. Reserve – Amanda Stewart, Mollinhillhead, with Mollinhillhead Rebecca, an eight-year-old by Millican Pamela, out of Bratlach Balantay. She was champion at Campsie and reserve at Stirling and ridden champion at both those events. Yeld mare, female bred – Amanda Stewart. Two-year-old filly – W and J Dunbar. Yearling filly – A Johnstone, Westown. Gelding – D and B Walker, Hall Farm. Two-year-old colt or gelding – Annette Noble, Peggyslea. Male bred – Charlotte Young. Pair, ridden, points – Yvonne Pringle.

Wool fleece (Judge: British Wool Marketing Board). Greyface, Mule or Lustre, fine and medium, naturally coloured, best fleece – DS and A Wilson, Summerside.

Goats (Judge: A Johnstone). Champion – Anne Dick, Rowanmyle, Tarbolton, with Rowangate Thilvery, a three-year-old second kidder by Guilden Vanguard. She was champion at Straiton. Reserve – Anne Dick, with the kid of the champion, Rowangate Thilica, by Guilden Galloway. AV milkers, AV goatlings, AV kid – Anne Dick.

Blackface (Judge: M Simpson). Champion – Mrs M Rorison, Clonrae, with a one-crop ewe by a tup bought privately from Auldhouseburn, a son of £150,000 Auldhouseburn. Out of a ewe by Joko, she was champion at Dumfries and Abington. Reserve – Firm of Shawhead, Douglas, with a ram lamb by a Midlock shearling bought at Stirling last year. He was reserve male champion at Moffat last week and is planned for sale at Stirling next month. Aged tup, tup lamb, group – Firm of Shawhead. Shearling, ewe, ewe hogg, bred – Mrs M Rorison. Ewe lamb, confined – G Donald, Windhill. Best wooled – Messrs Boswell, Burnhead.

Scotch Mule (Judge: M Simpson). Champion – J Guild, Laight, New Cumnock, with a gimmer bought privately as a lamb from the Tower. She was champion at Ayr and Dalrymple and reserve at Coylton. Reserve – Firm of Shawhead, with a ewe lamb by a Moscow-bred son of M2 Smearsett. Ewe, pair – John Guild. Ewe lamb – Firm of Shawhead.

Shetland (Judge: R Lawson). Champion – Fy Frame, Hawthorne Bank, with Destiny Faith, a gimmer by Woodpark Titan. She was champion at Biggar and reserve at Stirling. Reserve – F Frame’s three-crop ewe, Greenacres Aurora, a bought-in ewe that stood champion at Lesmahagow. Ram lamb, ewe, gimmer, ewe lamb, wool, group, pair, bred – F Frame.

Any other native (Judge: R Lawson). Champion – Ann Fleming, Over Lethame, Strathaven, with a home-bred Suffolk ewe lamb by Mullinvale Morelos. She was first at Chapelton. Reserve – J Campbell, Kypehill, with a Blueface Leicester gimmer. Aged ram, ewe, group – Jane Currie, Westown. Ram lamb – Tamsin James, Kingshill. Gimmer, bred – J Campbell. Ewe lamb – Ann Fleming.

Texel (Judge: A Johnstone). Champion – A Neilson, East Brackenridge, Strathaven, with a gimmer by Midlock Escobar. Her dam, a Knock Yardsman daughter, won the ewe class. Reserve – W Baird, Floors, Eaglesham, with a shearling ram, by Garngour Diablo, out of a Scrogtonhead-bred ewe. Aged ram, wool, group, pair – W Baird. Ewe, gimmer, ewe lamb, pair of gimmers, bred, confined – A Neilson.

Beltex (Judge: A Johnstone). Champion – R and J Hamilton, Mid Shawtonhill, with a two-crop ewe by Ryder Dewalt, out of a Corra ewe. She was overall sheep at last year’s show. Reserve – J and D Hodge, Dykes, Auchinleck, with Hodges Jolene, a ewe lamb by Airyolland Grey Joy, out of a Tercrosset-bred ewe. She was reserve at Craigie and Muirkirk. Aged ram, ram lamb, ewe, gimmer, group, bred – R and J Hamilton. Ewe lamb – J and D Hodge. Pair – D Cunningham, Walkerdyke.

Any other continental (Judge: A Johnstone). Champion – J and D Hodge, Dykes, with Hodges Guld Dust, a Blue Texel gimmer by Pystyll Empire, out of Grahams Essex Girl. Reserve – J and D Hodge’s Blue Texel ewe, Grahams Essex Girl, by Joe’s Alvin. Aged ram, wool – S Lindsay, Bushelhead. Ram lamb, ewe, gimmer, group, pair, bred – J and D Hodge.

Prime sheep (Judge: David Gilchrist). Champion – J and J Frame, High Dyke, with three Beltex cross lambs. Reserve – A McLarty, Shawhead, with three Blackface lambs. Single fat lamb, three Beltex, confined – J and J Frame. Three Blackface – A McLarty. Three Texels – A Jamieson, Sauchenhall Farm.

Any other continental – Non MV (Judge: David Gilchrist). Champion – C Frame, Hawthornbank, with a Blue Texel gimmer, bought as a ewe lamb from Ettrick. Reserve – A Jamieson, Sauchenhall, with Garngour Echo, a two-shear ram bought as a lamb at second Lanark, sired by Procters Chumba Wumba. Aged ram, ram lamb, ewe, ewe lamb, group, pair, bred – AJamieson. Gimmer – C Frame. Wool – R and J Hamilton.

Commercial breeding sheep (Judge: D Gilchrist). Champion – R Hamilton, High Crewburn, with a pair of Texel Cheviot Mules. Reserve – J and J Frame, High Dyke, with a pair of Suffolk cross ewes. Pair of ewes by a native sire – J and J Frame. Pair of ewes by continental sire – R Hamilton.

Sheep young handler (Judge: Alan Clark). 1, James Currie; 2, Jack Donald; 3, Enid James.