A clean start and finish and good work on the rolling course at Gatehouse gave John Paterson his first open win with Scalpsie Roy.

The Lleyn cross gimmers generally ran well on the field, but some characters played up and spoiled promising runs at the cross drive gate or at the pen, where a number of good runs ran out of time.

Roy (L Gast’s Ben and Scalpsie Gael) ran out cleanly and lifted his sheep well, if slightly hesitantly. The lines of the fetch and drive had minor wavers, but a clean pen and shed set the seal on the winning run.

Mixed lots of Texel crosses at Lockerbie were fairly good on the slightly downhill course, but they were not easily penned and could take off on the first leg of the drive.

Cameron Dickson’s Stuart (C Davidson’s Cap, SL Davidson’s Gillieglen Queen) ran out for his sheep, and although he went into the release pen, he responded to Stuart’s whistle, found his sheep and worked well from there. He lifted and fetched without any trouble and had a good drive. Stuart put the sheep fully through the cross drive gate before returning them to a clean pen and shed and the pair triumphed at Lockerbie for the second consecutive year.

The Texel cross gimmers at Atholl and Weem were tricky to handle but improved throughout the day. The position of the lift post at the top of a slope meant that dogs approached from behind the summit and some packets were inclined to bolt at that point.

Careful handling from Mosse and a steady run from Don (DK Evans’ Derwen Doug, T Procter's Gill) established a decisive lead. Don worked well outbye, with just minor wavers of the line of the fetch and he had a good drive. A good pen and a clean shed completed the work in first place.

The Texel cross ewes at Udny behaved well on a flat, slightly downhill course, and helped good dogs to achieve well pointed runs, but they were heavy and found out the dogs that could not shift them round the course.

Andy Carnegie’s Suus (E Groot’s Preseli Roy, J Roos’ Bess) worked well, with only minor points dropped over the piece and minor wavers on the cross drive the only hole in the work. Suus finished first, ahead of a closely packed list with only three points separating the top six dogs.

Leading Awards

Atholl and Weem (Judge: A Wilkie, Glenmoy). Open – 65 ran – 1, CM Magnusson’s Don, Sweden, 106 /110; 2, A McCulloch’s Sam, Dalmellington, 96 Outbye; 3, AD Carnegie’s Suus, Comrie, 96; 4, S Glen’s Pip, Alberta, 90; 5, SL Davidson’s Dan, Sandbank, 89; 6, A McCulloch’s Risp, Dalmellington, 87; 7, S MacFarlane’s Willow, Blairgowrie, 86; 8, K Donald’s Bill, Dalrymple, 83; 9, K Donald’s Bob, Dalrymple, 82; 10, SL Davidson’s Maid, Sandbank, 81. Local – 1, N Boyne’s Jess, Ballinluig, 77; 2, K Craig’ Kate, Tulliemet.

Lockerbie (Judge: K Anderson, Canonbie). Open – 55 ran – 1, C Dickson’s Stuart, Coldingham, 94; 2, M Young’s Tandi, Stranraer, 92 outbye; 3, R Henderson’s Lad, Gifford, 92; 4, JW Common’s Dan, Lockerbie, 87 outbye; 5, JW Common’s Grit, Lockerbie, 87 outbye; 6, G Smithson’s Don, Kirkbride, 87; 7, AR Mundell’s Rob, Moffat, 86 outbye; 8, E Gray’s Graylees Chip, Ardros, 86. Local – 1, JW Common’s Dan, Lockerbie, 87; 2, JA Common’s Jack, Lockerbie; 3, A Stewart’s Alice, Lockerbie.

Gatehouse (Judge: L de Ravel, Kirkgunzeon). Open – 35 ran – 1, J Paterson’s Scalpsie Roy, Kirkcowan, 92; 2, S McCrindle’s Zac, Stranraer, 89; 3, A McCulloch’s Risp, Dalmellington, 84; 4, K Keith’s Foinaven Skye, Lockerbie, 83; 5, K Keith’s Sassy, Durness, 81;6, N Gillon’s Boss, Barr, 75 outbye. Confined – R Malcolm’s Gael, Gatehouse, 69.

Udny (Judge: G Simpson, Forgue). Open – 45 ran – 1, AD Carnegie’s Suus, Comrie, 94; 2, C Quidling’s Sam, 93; 3, J Ramsay’s Spot, Ollaberry, 92 outbye; 4, AD Carnegie’s Kim, Comrie, 92; 5, S Glen’s Pip, Alberta, 91 outbye; 6, CM Magnusson’s Baiden, Sweden, 91.