A well-supported Central and West Fife annual crop competition attracted 20 entries from Kirkcaldy in the east to Kincardine in the west thereby taking in a range of soil types and terrain.

Leading Awards

Winter barley (Judge: J Sinclair , Craigies ,Queensferry) – 1, J Wylie, Knockhouse; 2, S Milne, Barns Farm; 3, J Turnbull, Meadowend

Oilseed rape (Judge: A Milne, United Oilseeds) – 1, Telfer Family, Little Raith; 2, R Ferguson East Camps; 3, D Cunningham. New Carden.

Spring barley (Judge: J Kinloch Coldrain) – 1, D Osborne, Invertiel; 2, D Laird, Middle Balbeggie; 3, J Barr Easter, Bucklyvie.

Oats (Judge: D Wood). Winter – 1, J Hutcheson Leckerstone; 2, N Ninen, Banks Farm, Aberdour). Spring – 1, Earl of Elgin, Broomhall Estate; 2, C Bowie, Bullions Farm; 3, S Milne, Barns Farm, Aberdour.

Winter wheat (Judge: M Fraser Pitcairlie, Auchtermuchty) – 1, J Hutcheston, Leckerstone; 2, D Laird, Oresmill, Thornton; 3, J Cunningham, New Carden.