Two good days for team Scotland at the Holstein Young Breeders Rally in Somerset saw Alison Lawrie win the overall reason-giving prize. The Scottish kids also took home the overall stock judging trophy for a second year in a row.

The Scottish Farmer: Team A won the overall stockjuding eventTeam A won the overall stockjuding event

The A team comprising of Cameron McGregor, Alison Lawrie, Max Bryson, Rory Scott, Andrew Watson and Kyle Scott managed to beat the other teams to the top prize. Both Scottish teams shone in the much-contested field to foto competition with the B team comprising of David Howat, Kirsten Sloan, Katie Watson, Ellis Caldwell, and Neil Hodge winning their section.

The Scottish Farmer: Team B topped the Field to Foto competitionTeam B topped the Field to Foto competition

Leading Awards

First senior national reason-giving and overall reason-giving trophy – Alison Lawrie. First intermediate national stock judging – Rory Scott. Runner up junior national stock judging – Andrew Watson. 4th junior national stock judging – Kyle Scott. 4th intermediate national linear assessment – Katie Watson and Ellis Caldwell.

Field to Foto – 2nd clipping – Cameron McGregor and Caitlin McCormick. 2nd washing – Rory Scott and Max Bryson. Third showmanship – Alison Lawrie. Overall second – Team A. 1st washing – Neil Hodge and Katie Watson. 1st Showmanship Ellis Caldwell. 2nd photographing – David Howat, Kirsten Sloan, Katie, Watson, Ellis Caldwell, and Neil Hodge. Overall first – Team B.