Stephen Martin’s Cherry led a closely packed list on home ground at Glenlyon.

The Cheviot gimmers were manageable on the long flat riverside course if the dogs gave them space. Most dogs ran out well, but came to grief if they used too much pressure at the pen which needed a balanced combination of handler and dog.

Cherry (M Davidson’s Angus, P Martin’s Daisy) ran out and lifted well and kept good lines and tight turns on the course. She had more to do at hand and eventually penned after repeated breaks to win over a very closely packed list of six dogs within four points of each other.

Excellent Cheviot ewes released from the top of a slope contributed to a high-scoring trial at Dryden.

The prize winners were all well-experienced handlers whose dogs managed to keep good lines and tight turns. The pen could be difficult, but the decisive factor was the shed. Dogs were required to single the marked ewe out of packets of four unmarked which was not easy and added interest to the trial.

Mark Arres’ Midge (JH Wilson’s Rob, A Welsh’s Jen) worked naturally and effortlessly on home ground and a clean pen and single gave him a narrow edge over the field.

Leading Awards

Dryden (Judge: K Lyon, Shildon). Open – 36 ran – 1, M Arres’ Midge, Dryden, 96; 2, RB Henderson’s Bob, Broughton, 95; 3, S Morgan’s Vann Queen, Heriot, 94; 4, C Dickson’s Tom, Coldingham, 92; 5, M Arres’ Doug, Ashkirk, 91; 6, R Dalziel’s Nell, Ettrick, 90.

Glenlyon (Judge: C Maitland Gardner, Muthill). Open – 28 ran – 1, S Martin’s Cherry, Cashlie, 89; 2, A Kent’s Myllin Jill, Dunoon, 87 outbye; 3, M Watt’s Dale, Kirriemuir, 87; 4, 4, P Martin’s Ivy, Glenlyon, 86; 5, A Cameron’s Sally, Callander, 85 outbye; 6, T McPhee’s Scott, Wick, 85.