A run-off was called at Strathnaver between three very accomplished runs, to separate Lynn Ronaldson’s Bob, Ian Sutherland’s Dan, and Jasmine Grant’s Lad into their respective first three places.

The Cheviot ewes behaved well on a flattish course with a small slope down to the cross drive, but they were inclined to take off at speed there. This led to them either going through the crossdrive gate so fast that the turn was wide before the dog could turn them, or missing the gate entirely.

Bob (S Jones Straid Bob, OS Thomas’ Madog Floss) worked faultlessly outbye, had a good drive with minor wavers on the line, and a slightly wide turn out of the cross drive gate. A good pen and a clean shed put him in contention for first place, confirmed by a repeat performance.

Dan (J. MacDiarmid’s Rab, S. Robertson’s Ruby) matched Bob’s clean outbye work and had the best drive of the three. He stopped an attempted break at the pen, before putting the sheep safely inside, but it unsettled the sheep a little and Dan finished in line for a runoff.

Lad (G Simpson's Lad and Gin) started out equally well and had just a minor waver on the fetch and just a little more on the cross drive, but he got his gate and a good pen and a clean shed and sent three dogs to the runoff.

A single point on her outrun gave Dean Aitken’s Tweeddale Vicki the edge over a closely packed list at Ellemford, where well-behaved Cheviot ewes ran well on a long flat field as long as dogs did not upset them at the lift.

Vicki (D Aitken’s Tweeddale Jamie and Tammi) was a little wide on her outrun, but lifted faultlessly and fetched well with just minor wavers. She had a good drive; there was a slight waver on the first leg and a slightly wide turn through the gate followed by a a good cross drive with another slightly wide turn, but these were fine points on a good run and a clean pen and shed completed the work in first place.

Andrew Dickman’s Meg (Kate) (S v der Sweep’s Gary, A Smart’s Kim) had a closely matched run, but setting out square from Andrew’s feet put her into second place. She lifted cleanly worked well on the fetch with just minor wavers and had a good drive, faulted only for a bend on the first leg. Another clean finish matched Vicki’s.

Davie Wallace’s Jock (RB Henderson’s Skid, D Wallace’s Tess) changed the pattern with a clean outrun and lift and a good fetch. His drive went well, although his turn through the first gate was a little wide and his return to the pen was not perfectly straight. A single ewe breaking round the pen threatened the good work already achieved but Jock penned the packet, shed cleanly, and finished in third place, a point behind Meg, with the rest of the field still hot on their heels.

Cheviot Mule ewes at Edinburgh ran well on a flat course, but they drew to one side on the fetch.

Cameron Dickson’s Tom (DK Evans’ Ace, U Stromer’s Caefelin Gwen) started out well, and although he let the sheep drift a little on the fetch, he kept good line and tight turns on the drive and finished with clean work at hand and earned first place.

Alastair Mundell was in good form, with two dogs placed immediately behind Tom, within four points of him. His nursery hope, two-year-old Jack delivered the goods on his first outing with Alastair.

Like Tom, Jack (D McNeil’s Yellowhill Tommy, J Connolly’s Lynn) worked well out, but felt the pull on the line of the fetch; he had a good drive, with just a slightly wide turn through the first gate against him and finished second.

Again, Alastair’s Yitte (FPM Groot’s Pen-Y-Borough Kev, J Croimans’ Jill) started out well, but the lines of her fetch and drive wavered to an extent, but a clean pen and shed completed the run in third place.

Leading Awards

Edinburgh (Judge: B MacFarlane, Elsrickle). Open – 41 ran – 1, C Dickson’s Tom, Coldingham, 97; 2, AR Mundell’s Jock, Moffat, 95; 3, AR Mundell’s Yitte, Moffat, 93; 4, D Wallace’s Taz, Blyth Bridge, 92; 5, R Henderson’s Lad, Gifford, 91 outbye; 6, H Brown’s Mac, Coulter, 91.

Carrick (Judge: M McTeir, Corsock). Open – 58 ran – 1, F Shennan’s Belle, Barr, 96; 2, SL Davidson’s Dan, Sandbank, 88; 3, E Gray’s Graylees Chip, Ardros, 77 outbye; 4, C Toner’s Niro Tammi, Drimsynie,77; 5, A McCulloch’s Risp, Dalmellington,72 outbye; 6, E Gray’s Banjo, Ardros, 72. Confined – 1, W Welsh’s Mitzy, Dalcairney, 66 outbye; 2, F Shennan’s Fred, Barr, 66; 3, N Gillon’s Mheg, Barr, 56. Nursery – 1, F Shennan’s Fred, Barr, 66; 2, B Welsh’s Kate, Beoch; 3, H Young’s Jack, Crosshill.

Strathnaver (Judge: EC MacKinnon, Lochcarron). Open – 31 ran – 1, L Ronaldson’s Bob, Wick, 95 run off; 2, I Sutherland’s Dan, Strathnaver, 95 run off; 3, J Grant’s Lad, Dunbeath, 95; 4, V Shearer’s Viking Cap, Westfield, 93 outbye; 5, I Sutherland’s Cap, Strathnaver, 93 outbye; 6, V Shearer’s Viking Misty, Westfield, 93.

Moniaive (Judge: F McMillan, Moniaive). Open – 55 ran – 1, N Gillon’s Boss, Dailly, 94; 2, M Elliott’s Nell, Lazonby, 90; 3, B Welsh’s Bob, Beoch, 89 outbye; 4, I Lockhart’s Kemi Sia, Dalrymple, 89; 5, M Young’s Tandi, Stranraer, 88 outbye; 6, J Paterson’s Scalpsie Roy, Kirkcowan, 88. Confined – 1, H Jackson’s Bleau, Carsphairn; 2, H Jackson’s Lexi, Carsphairn ; 3, J Thomson’s Brobar Rock, Carsphairn;

Ellemford (Judge: K Wood, Blairlogie). Open – 29 ran – 1, D Aitken’s Tweeddale Viki, Peebles, 93; 2, A Dickman’s Kate, Oxton, 92; 3, D Wallace’s Jock, Blyth Bridge, 91; 4, RB Henderson’s Bob, Broughton, 90; 5, M Davidson’s Glen, Lilburn, 89; 6, RB Henderson’s Craig, Broughton, 87.

Abington (Judge: A Dickman, Oxton). Open – 64 ran – 1, N Campbell’s Moss, Kinross, 89; 2, E Gray’s Banjo, Ardros, 87; 3, L Hinneken’s K’eira, Quothquan, 86; 4, R Henderson’s Lad, Gifford, 84; 5, T McKinlay’s Heatherstane Squiggle, Parkhall, 80; 6, W Welsh’s Jet, Dalcairney, 78; 7, RB Henderson’s Craig, Broughton, 77 outbye; £800 raised for McMillan Nurses in memory of Tom Kerr.