Helen Mackenzie, a dedicated member of the Camera Club, proudly shared this captivating photograph featuring Cilla, a resident of Cherry Tree Croft at Pitmaduthy Farm in Kildary, Invergordon, Ross-shire within the picturesque Highlands.

Cilla, acquired from Craig Finnie Richmondhill Fold, holds a special place as part of the foundational stock for the Cherry Tree Croft Fold. Helen revealed that their fold comprises five foundational animals, with two sourced from Mr. Finnie and three from the esteemed Maureen Macarthur and John Ashton at Allanfearn Fold.

The lineage extends to Sorrel of Allanfearn, whose remarkable contribution manifested in the birth of our inaugural calf, Connie Isabella of Cherry Tree Croft, in March of this year.

Helen said:

This is a photo of Leanabh Cilla Goyne of Richmondhill known as Cilla. She will be 3 years old in January 2024.  


I was checking the cattle and noticed the mist and sky, Cilla is very photogenic and loves posing she also follows me like a dog she has the most amazingly calm temperament.

I was very lucky to buy her.


Cilla is our showgirl and was 2nd at our club show at Leys Castle and 3rd at the Sutherland Show. Unfortunately, I took ill and was unable to show her at the other north shows. But I'm Aiming to show her next year along with Connie.


The Scottish Farmer:

6 month old Connie


Helen and her husband, Ken MacKenzie, are the driving force behind the management of the fold, with the invaluable guidance of Helen's father, Jimmy Laing, serving as a trusted advisor.

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