SALMON in the River Dee and the River Muick are being given a helping hand – or more accurately a helping hoof – by the Glenmuick Estate through which both rivers flow.

In an effort to boost the population of wild salmon, the estate's surplus deer legs, accumulated as a by-product of its deer farm, are being used by the Dee District Salmon Fishery Board to return nutrients to the rivers, to benefit juvenile salmon and increase their chances of survival.

Speaking from Glenmuick's managers, property firm Fisher German, associate Ian McKenzie, said: “We were contacted by the Deeside Fisheries Board who asked if we could supply them with deer legs from Glenmuick deer farm to help with salmon conservation. I approached Glenmuick’s owner to see what he thought, and he was only too happy to help. Deer legs are a waste product that butchers don’t want, so it made perfect sense to give them to the Deeside Fisheries Board to make use of them.

“We’re always looking for ways to help the environment, so getting involved with a project aimed at reversing the decline in Scotland’s wild salmon seemed like a worthwhile thing to do.”

The unusual wildlife work is set to feature on BBC’s Countryfile after camera crews visited the estate at the end of April.

Ian added: “Everyone was very excited about the programme airing – it’s something a little bit different and really shows the variety of services Fisher German is able to provide.”