Regrettably, it has been announced of the passing of long-time Hereford cattle enthusiast, T John Vaughan, of Vorn Herefords, Bodenham, Herefordshire.

His 78th birthday was due to be in January, 2021, but during recent weeks, after feeling unwell, was admitted to the Covid-19 ward of Hereford Hospital and died there on Friday, December 4.

His family had a long association with the breeding of Herefords and came to great prominence during the 1970s and '80s, dominating shows, main-centre sales and highly successful on-farm events.

The genetics raised spread around the cattle-breeding world. John, supported by his father and mother, Donald and Marjorie, other family members and helpers, was noted for the excellence of the presentation of the Vorn herd charges.

But clearly, it was the subsequent success of successive generations of breeding that still brought the herds of Moor and Vorn to significant prominence.

In spending some time farming in Western Australia, where other family members also reside, John returned to Bodenham and commenced breeding Texel sheep.

He went about this task with similar verve, vigour and vision to that employed with the Herefords. As a result, his Vorn flock was noted for its sound commercial attributes and very much dominates the top performers within the breed. Indeed, he recently wrote a quite controversial and acclaimed letter to The Scottish Farmer about performance recording of the breed which elicited much response.

However, as well as sheep farming, studying horse racing and offering opinions on many other facets of life, during recent years John spent many hours studying the path of the Hereford breed from before its existence to the present generations.

Fortunately, John was satisfied he had completed his project before illness set-in and instructed the printers to produce his book: ‘The Hereford: The greatest breed on earth’.

It is a large tome packed with facts, accounts and images. But more than most such works, this one certainly has the feel of being compiled by a true practitioner and enthusiast.

Details, events and characters are brought to life to celebrate this influential bovine race. As a history, it is packed with facts, challenged with opinion – as you would expect from John! – but composed in such a way that, from start to finish, it is a very entertaining read.

Of all of John's lifelong activities and achievements of being a stockbreeder, an influencer, a character, this incredible account could easily be the area that most of all secures his place in history.

Previously published works of John include Rampages, a sheep-based cartoon collection and Bovine Showbiz, a no-nonsense account of the work involved in raising cattle for sale and exhibition.

Everyone who has a connection with Hereford cattle, livestock in general or his homeland county of Herefordshire and the Welsh border region, will find benefit from taking-in the current scribing of the author.

Few people have left such a masterpiece – T John Vaughan certainly has.