ISLAY YOUNG Farmers launched a successful comeback at the end of March - hosting a ploughing match, which was well attended by both ploughers and a large number of spectators.

The event took place on Saturday March 30 at Bridgend with the field donated by Kilchoman Distillery, with Fraser Woodrow marking out the field for the day.

The event marked the clubs first outing as the new Islay Young Farmers club which was previously closed in 1996. Gavin Reid was tasked with judging the day’s ploughing and it was the Woodrow family who dominated the field of winnings.

Fraser Woodrow took the top prize in the Open Reversible section winning best ploughman, along with best first and last six furrows, best break and ins and out. In the same section, Neilan McLellan took the prize for first finished and Duncan McPhee for the straightest furrows.

In the Young Farmers Reversible section, Scott Woodrow was awarded best ploughman along with first finished, straightest, best break and best first six furrows. Robbie Brown picked up the prize for best last six furrows and Brooke Woodrow took the ins and outs prize.

George Bruce dominated the Open Conventional section, winning all the top awards with Will Glover picking up runner up ploughman. Similarly, it was a clear sweep for Angus Glover in the Young Farmer Conventional competition taking all the top prizes.

Out-with the individual categories, additional prizes were awarded, and Robbie Brown received the prize for first on field. Niamh Archibald picked up the top prize in first finished and tidiest tractor. Duncan McPhee was awarded furthest travelled and oldest tractor. Youngest competitors were Angus Glover and James Bignal, with James also picking up the prize for newest tractor and worst plot for ground. The oldest competitor on the day went to Neilan McLellan and prizes were donated by Glenside Tractors, Bruichladdich Distillery, The Islay Hotel, Lochside Hotel, Bowmore Hotel and D+M MacPherson.