IT HAS been a successful year for the three SSS’s drama quartet, who are set to take their winning stage performance to Orkney this May.

Their play, entitled “Little Grimley presents Strictly Sex Factor on ice” saw them take the top spot at the Young Farmers west area drama competition, with Stuart Rankin winning best actor, Laura Paterson, most promising actress and Scott Rankin, most promising actor. The play, written by David Tristram and produced by Ian Turner, was then entered into the Scottish Community Drama Association, one act play competition, where it picked up the prize for ‘Best Moment In Theatre’. They were then placed first at the Stirling District round which saw them go through to the Eastern division SCDA competition, held at the Churchill theatre in Edinburgh, on April 7, where they unfortunately didn’t place.

The runners up from the Stirling District round - Fintry Amateur Dramatics society, with their play “Mrs G”, also went through to the competition in Edinburgh and picked up the ‘Say Trophy’ awarded for best stage decor.

The three SSS’s plan to take the play to Orkney sometime in May, in conjunction with Birsay drama club, with intentions to meet up with Orkney YF members whilst there.