Another competitive calf rally has succumbed to the fallout from Covid-19 – Clyde and Central District Young Farmers’ sale did not go ahead, but this hasn’t stopped members tuning to ‘social media’ to find potential buyers.

With 50 calves purchased in the back end for the competition, it would have been a record high for first time exhibitors, but Clyde and Central took the hard decision to cancel the YF event this week, and to enter them in the Caledonian Marts’ open show and sale which was set to take place today (Saturday, March 28).

This was then stopped by the auction mart’s health and safety plan, meaning that no members were able to sell their calves.

YF members have now taken to social media to try and sell their rally calves privately, with a few already being successful.

“Pre-sale pictures on social media always gets buyers looking before the sale, so we need to engage our own advertising to get them interested,” said past National Chair and exhibitor, Suzie Dunn. “As soon as pictures are put up, you wouldn’t believe the amount of interest you get from potential buyers,”

She added: “The powers of social media is quite unbelievable to be honest! To look positively, in a bad situation, it has given members a whole new learning skill in trying to initiate a private sale. So you learn something new every day – a lot of the members will never have had to do this before.”

If there are any members struggling to sell their livestock, they have been advised to contact C and C committee for help, who have been in contact with farm stock to help with the private sales. Of which a few have already been sold.

“But most importantly don’t let this year put you off competing in the future! The rally is a fantastic competition that can really teach you so much,” said Ms Dunn.

“When I first joined, coming from an arable farm, I couldn’t even have told you three different breeds of cattle, now one of my main hobbies is showing commercial cattle and I carry out all prep’ work myself. The YF rally can teach you so much and it is amazing what you pick up if you continue to try your hand at it each year,” she concluded.

So, make sure and look out for the rally calves advertised on social media, and help the YF members achieve their dreams.