Having met with McCornick of the NFUS today, the solution that they were proposing was a little better than Scottish Crofting Federation.

The problem is not to an extent the geese, but the stupid attitude that SNH and RSPB has taken into interfering with nature – the guys they employ are basic 9 to 5 desk jockeys, who spend most of their lives cooked by central heating, far, far away from reality of nature!

Shooting, to reduce numbers of the birds, how cruel, to maim so that they have a lingering death. Those that suggest and uphold such practices should get their heads examined – psychos.

When there is a simpler way, let nature solve the problem, bring back the balance, bring the regulator of the bird world, the crow. It was after the sporting estates of North Uist and South Uist exterminated this bird that the numbers of geese mushroomed.

It was suggested that the most non-cruel method was to target the nests, remove the eggs except one or two, even if mother lays more, once the egg hatches she must get the chick to water for safety.

If the crofter, like some have done, solve their own problem to reduce goose numbers rather than bleating for government hand outs, the government must also play their part and remove the protection of the goose until the population has been stabilised and stop playing God to the whims of SNH and RSPB, who have conflicting agendas to the land managers.

Every part of the world has its own balance of wildlife, things only get out of hand once man starts to interfere – usually the damage takes many generations to sort out.

Meanwhile who wants SNH smokies

Angus A MacDonald,