WHILE many of us in rural areas receive what could be termed an indifferent service from the Post Office – and again, apologies to those in the DG7 area who continually have to put up with a poor service in the delivery of this newspaper – it would appear that the Royal Mail service in the Sanquhar area is a fine, slick operation.

To explain: ‘Large’ William Carruth, from Kilbarchan, had a notion to send a calendar of a particular persuasion to his ‘friend’, Rog Wood, in the Dumfries and Galloway township.

Not knowing his address, he sent it thus: ‘To: Big fat smelly Rog Wood, next to the wee smelly duck pond in Sanquhar, Dumfries and Galloway.”

The delivery was made less than 24 hours later. Having said that, the description used would have been fairly self-evident to most people living within a 20-mile radius of ‘Big fat smelly Rog’!

Elliot's successful 'show debut'

HE IS better known for showing Blackface sheep, but Islay’s Elliot Bowman had a ‘show debut’ with a difference last week when he took to his feet at the ‘Islay Farmers’ dinner’ to introduce the guests.

The big man, of course, works for W and M Currie contractors and he eulogised about the new performance management training he was receiving.

Administered by Kate McLean, along with other staff members, he is to be entered in to the firm’s Complete Responsibility Action Programme. On completion of CRAP, other more vulgar sounding training courses, it seems, have to be undertaken!

His boss, Gordon Currie, remained in the firing line when Elliot announced that he had sown wild oats on Islay, made hay when the sun shone on Jura – and was now playing the field on Colonsay! Elliot then suggested that Gigha be added to the association’s title to allow more scope for the big man’s extra-curricular activities!

On a point of note, Scotland has 89 inhabited islands, which leaves plenty scope for further islands to be added to the Islay, Jura and Colonsay Agricultural Society’s list – and big Gordon’s sphere of ‘influence’!

Something to beef about

THE TOWN of Oban will be going Highland coo daft in the weekend of February 9 to 12, for not only will it host the annual show and sale for the breed, but locals and visitors will be able to savour the unique flavour of this hardy hill breed’s beef.

Some hard work has gone in to putting together a quintet of well-known local restaurants, backed up by the town’s main butcher, Jackson Brothers Master Butchers, providing some of the fare and promoting it in their shop.

That all means that Highland beef will be available in these five restaurants – the Waterfront Fish House; Cuan Mor; The Manor House; Ee-usk; and Coast. The beef will either have come from Jacksons or Aberdeenshire breeder, butcher and farm shop owners, the Bruce family’s Bogside Farm Shop.

As well as that, the annual dinner being held in The Royal, will also feature Highland beef ... and maybe the odd dram!