Sir, – I understand, that after agreeing a rent increase four years ago, Baron Hardup had recently sent rent demands of between 20% and 40% to his vassal tenants in a last ditch attempt to raise rents before the introduction of the new rent calculations come into force.

To implement the above, the landlord has engaged the firm of agents who wrote in the The SF, January 13, 'sympathy is needed from the landlords themselves if tenant farmers are to survive these poor financial years'.

Despite agreeing to industry guidance on rent reviews, when it comes to his own patch, Baron Hardup, is prepared to ignore it, safe in the knowledge that none of his tenants would dare raise a complaint.

A number of 1991 leaseholders have recently bolted from land from the same landlord on short term leases, which could be compromised if the tenant doesn't accept the landlord's demands. The older tenants will probably exit farming and the 1991 leases will be lost.

New entrants taking on the resulting short term leases should be wary of why these units have become available.

Omnipotence should be exercised with compassion.

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