Your dinner is in the dog is quite a common phrase issued to farmers on their late return home – but it has taken on a new meaning for Fordel Angus herd owner, David Ismail.

Apparently, David was leading his wife’s horse out to grazing, when the thing took off – and with it his finger! Accordingly, the trip was made to hospital, where the surgeon asked where bits of the lost finger were so that it could be sown back on.

Local legend has it that the dog made off with the remnants of the finger, but that might not be true! Brings a whole new meaning to get the finger out.

A partying masterclass

HAVING been to Oban for the Highland cattle sale, I can confirm that the old-school attendees can party much harder than the youngsters these days.

Rarely needing an excuse to start a bun fight, the Highland cattle men do throw a good shindig – but having quality pipers, like Raymond Kennedy, around does help ‘get this party started’!

Watch out too, for a promising wee TV series based on crofters – in the same vein as This Farming Life, but not the same, if you get what I mean – which is being filmed for BBC Alba. One of the islands’ biggest fold owners, Angus MacDonald’s Ardbhan fold will feature largely, I’m told – and getting 5000gns for a bull in Oban will be a talking point.

Watch this space for further details.

Joining the youngsters

ONE OF those who was also partying hard and handing out a lesson on doing so, last week was someone who should know better – Aileen McFadzean, from Perth.

Just back from a refreshing skiing holiday, she decided to accompany her niece to the apres East Area Cabaret hoe-down at the Ice Factory, in Perth, where she showed the youngsters how to do it. The next day might have been a bit of a struggle, however!

The lights were on but no-one was home

WHILE there will be no doubting the auctioneering skills of the main man at Wallets Marts, Castle Douglas, it seems Robin Anderson isn’t so good at following instructions, as the head honchos of the Luing Cattle Society found out.

They, and indeed the room, were all set for the society’s annual general meeting ahead of the premier sale at Castle Douglas at the weekend. And while they could see the canteen was all set up with tables, chairs and a cosy feel (one can assume, looking through the window), it turns out Mr Anderson had forgotten to unlock the door to said canteen, meaning the society agm was held at a rather chilly ringside.

We do hear the agm went smoothly in its new location and the annual dinner in the evening was a huge success with a whopping £1200 raised at the raffle for MS Borders.

The charitable bunch raised a further 1900gns through the sale of a bulling heifer from Professor Penny’s Harehead unit, which was secured by Andrew Ewing, Dumbretton, with the funds going towards the My Name’5 Doddie Foundation.

Follow the choirs

ANOTHER charitable bunch are the farmers choirs – ladies and men – and their next concert will be in Troon Concert Hall on Sunday, February 25.

This is in aid of RSABI and the choir charities which are MND (Motor Neurone Disease) and MacMillan Nurses.

Tickets are a mere £10 and available from Carolyn Lamb 07813 069826 – and Elspeth Dale 07979 275683 –

Apart from anything else it’s always a good night out!